how could one go about taking paint of off a turtle shell? (not saying that I’ve painted my turtle, just asking for reference)

Hey there! I promise I’m not judging! Tumblr is a great place to speak your mind, represent your cause and take a stand.. but that sometimes means its also a place where people trying to get information get attacked for asking, sharing what they know, etc… I find that, in the end, that only hurts more than it helps. Regardless of why you ask I’m happy to share info, and I’m very happy you asked 🙂 I’m now gonna try and respond coherently even though its super late here 🙂  

What I learned in my rehab training is that if it’s a small area you may have to cut your losses. The goal as a rehabber is to make the animal as healthy and/or as comfortable as possible. If the area is small, you might decide that trying to remove the paint would be more harmful than leaving it there.  Or, if its extensive, you may decide it needs to be removed or the animal can’t live any sort of healthy life. In that case what you’d want to try first is warm soap & water scrubs with a toothbrush or a scrub brush that’s not too invasive (my immediate thought is a plastic scour pad or the scrub daddy! … cause I watch Shark Tank heh) 

You’re going to be taking layers of paint off slowly, without chemicals, so it will be a process. You don’t want to do too much at one time and hurt the turtle or tort by digging into the shell. That would be painful and more harmful to the turtle/tort. Depending on the type of paint, how much paint there is,  Soapy water scrubs every other day should work over a few weeks. you’ll wanna soak separately and be mindful of the stress level of your turtle/tort. Signs of stress include what looks like Shrugging while making a  breathing noise… It’s a sorta hyperventilating gesture. It’s also a sign of exertion. You’ll want to be sure that doesn’t go on for too long. (scrubbing can cause that.. shells are pretty sensitive) 

Anyone else have thoughts?