I had to nap after brunch, of course, but later in the day I got to open some valentines!! I got a package from my boy shell @Jeffmusk and one from wafflesworld & mangomusings !! Our mail is super slow cause of that stupid snow so these packages must have been made of magic!

Jeffie sent me a card and ALL THE WARM! We really need that right now. I got candy hearts and GLOW IN THE DARK ROCKS! Humom says those are for her, but they smell like noms to me so I tried when she wasn’t looking.

The package from Waffles and Mango said Par Avion! That means it went on a plane to get here. Cool! Inside was the best magnet of Waffles & Mango! They both look super handsome and I think Mango is singing! It’s now hanging on the fridge with our #Turtpocalypse magnet! Also inside, was a snuggly valentine Heart!! I climbed it and snuggled it and wore it on my head. I love it!!

Thank you shell friends!! You are the bestest! 


My basking light broke so mom got me a new one today. I like it so much. It makes me feel like a star!

Um. You ARE a star Mango! 

Looking at you in the spotlight here I keep waiting to hear you sing ‘All That Jazz”! 


I’m discussing with my friend about why dogs always want to lick my shell. Do they lick his shell too? Does my shell taste different than his shell? Dogs are weird.

They are the weirdest.. their noses are all cold and wet and stuff.


Thank you April for giving me my very own baseball hat! Now we can cheer together.

uh oh! Its On Mango! its on! heee Zoya has her own red sox shirt. (She’s just kidding! mostly… heh heh heh)  #TortoiseBaseballWars #GoodFun

After getting this incredible drawing of Zoya made by waffles & Mango’s humom, I let Zoya examin it. She’s sure this is the greatest piece of art ever created. I agree, though we’re both a little biased when it comes to the subject.

The one thing we’re absolutely sure of?  wafflesworld ’s humom is unbelievable talented!  Its even more incredible in person. After she admired it for quite a while, we’ve framed it and placed it right by Zoya’s enclosure.  <3 <3 <3