They may out live you.
Will you be able to afford them long term?
Will you be able to grow and source the food they need?
Will you still have time for them when you go to university or get that job you want?

No one can predict the future, but please plan ahead. They depend entirely on you, don’t let them down by purchasing them on a whim.

Created by the 11 year old i look after with only a little help from me 🙂 

Please plan ahead, understand potential futures, make sure you are prepared to take on their challenges.

Adopting is a forever commitment, your shell might very well out live you, You are committing to him/her and abandonment is never an option. Prepare, care. and love.. Its worthwhile if you do these things. So worthwhile. <3


Heard scratching all last night and this morning. When I went to check on Pistachio, this is what I found.

“Lining? What lining?”

Point made, little buddy…. I’ll get you some better burrowing materials.

They have quite the ability to prove a point, don’t they? heee  


no ET comic this week.  There’s one page left so we’re going to be posting smallie gif and fan art every couple days or so until that fateful day arrives.

Here is a nice little gif of Smallie going to the bathroom. But he is quite cleanly so it’s all right 😉 He cleaned up that mess like a proper tortoise. 

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We’re in the process of reblogging all the pages for you,

I love this so much there aren’t words. Make that poo Smallie! 

I am so inspired I’ve written my own zen proverb to accompany it!

The size of the tortoise is not discovered by measuring its shell, what lies within is most often what astounds all of the senses. (GIANT POO!)