Hello everyone! I would like to introduce my most amazing and delightful friend! His name is GuruAgya but Guru for short! He is a wise little 4 month old Leopard Tortoise and he just very recently came into my life! Guru is an amazing being, and has so much knowledge and love, and I believe he is going to teach me more than I can even comprehend on our lifelong journey together. He’s also the most cuddly and vocal Tortoise there is. And he’s a Libra! I love you little Guru! I am beyond excited to travel the path of life with you by my side!

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Welcome Guru! May you and your human enjoy your journey together! <3 <3


His name is Leonardo DiCaprio

Well, he is a big fan of the tortoises! He’s got a Sulcata tortoise himself! 

Don’t tell him we said so but I have no doubt you, little shell, would win in a ‘which Leonardo DiCaprio is cuter’ contest