Ahhhh it be good to be back piratin', me hearties!What be ye starin' at?!  Bring out all th' noms!Avast, what be all these colors aroun' me?Th' Pirate Kirby be investigatin'!Me eyes see seashells an' more seashells....Do any o' these here seashells be secret noms?That do not be smellin' like noms!Ne'er fear, th' Pirate Kirby be th' one t' find any shells that be noms!Beware me STOMPs, seashells that be not noms!These here seashells be all suspiciously not nomlike...


Ahoy, me hearties!  It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day, an’ th’ Pirate Kirby be back, fearsome GRUMP an’ all!

Avast!  I be marooned in a sea o’ unCHOMPable seashells!?  Bail me out o’ here smartly, ye scallywags, or ye be walkin’ th’ plank!


Do I be stranded in a land o’ no noms?!


Nary a whiff o’ noms I be smellin’!?


One o’ ye landlubbers bring me noms smartly or a mighty GRUMP storm be comin’!


🍂  Happy Thanksgiving, Tumblr!  🦃

Today is a day for giving thanks:  I am thankful for Mom and Grandmom who shower me with noms and cuddles and for all of you who send me so much love every day through the Interwebs!  I sure am one lucky tortie!

Mom and Grandmom are busy cooking human food, but Mom let Tiny Tom Turkey and me get the feast started early with my favorite nom ever:  Radicchio!


* Tumblr is STILL eating our individual photo captions, so while the code monkeys are still working on that, captions below:

  1. It’s FEAST TIME!
  2. Radicchio feast is the best feast!
  3. No GRUMPs in sight!
  4. Gobble gobble!
  5. Unlike Mom, I look adorable even mid-CHOMP!
  6. MOOOOOOOM!  I NEED MOAR!!  (Tiny Tom knows to run when my GRUMPface appears!)

Happy Nomsthanksgiving, Kirby! We are our most adorable mid chomp! That’s why our humans should always be feeding us! So we’re always that adorable! Yep!

Mom, are you sure my super-tort cape didn't shrink?!Can you believe this used to be too big for me?!What?!  Even Lunchbox's big cape is too small for me now?!I'm a giant!Does this mean I can bulldoze my way through everything now?I am definitely super tort when you think about how much I've grown!Strutting my leggies!Off to find noms!


Three and a half years ago, @tort-time made me my very own monogrammed cape.  My cape was a little big for me, so with all the growing I have been doing, Mom thought it was high time for me to try on my cape again.

Turns out Mom underestimated how much I’ve grown—big time:  My cape is WAY too small for me now!  In fact, even Lunchbox’s big cape is too small for me now!

Oh my goodness, we are teary eyed seeing these pictures! We remember trying to crochet the tiniest cape for you, Kirby! You were not much bigger than a Christmas light! We tried to guess measurements but couldn’t conceive of tiny Kirby! Now you are big and strong! Lunch box would be so proud to see you bursting out of his cape!! Grow Kirby, grow! 

Soon you will be bigger than Zoya 😍

back in 2014 : 

Look at these ancient shells!SO SHINY!!


This year’s last Tortie Scouts badge is Archaeology!  I love digging!  My favorite thing to unearth is, of course, noms.  But after that, I like meeting my ancient ancestors.  I wish I could grow as big as Carbonemys cofrinii!  I didn’t find Carbonemys, but I did find these two ancient tortles.  (Anything older than me is ancient!)  Rock turtle was very nice, but I couldn’t stop staring at the shiny gold tortoise!

I would be the perfect Sphero SpokesPet!Mom, how many photos are you going to take this time?When you said I will get radicchio as a reward, you better not have been kidding!Hey, Sphero BB-8, you should distract Mom while I raid the fridge!You can even make noises?!  You will be the perfect partner in crime!MOM, can I have my radicchio treat yet?!Mom, why am I not directly on the fuzzy blanket?!Sphero BB-8, how are you smaller than me?!I wonder if the orange bits on Sphero BB-8 are secretly noms...Sphero BB-8 and I are best friends now!


Sphero is holding a #SpheroSpokesPet contest on Instagram, and Zoya had the excellent idea of advancing the Turtpocalypse by entering!  Of course, we broke out my BB-8 Halloween costume to match the Sphero BB-8!  Who thinks I would be the cutest, most perfect spokespet ever?  ❤️ 🐢

The first photo is our official submission to the contest.  Obviously, we also had to share with you all our other photos, including this awesome gif!


Fingers crossed I become the new Sphero SpokesPet!

(If you’re wondering about our special project with @tort-time and @wafflesworld that we were working on yesterday, we have discovered a way to make it even more awesome, so it actually won’t be done until later this week. Stay tuned!)

Friends! Let’s help kirby become the Sphero Spokespet! Do it for the #turtpocalypses! 

check kirby out on instagram and like that post so sphero doesn’t miss it! (and like all the others too cause.. TOO CUTE)