A message from Spieth the green sea turtle to his name sake, Jordan Spieth!

So exciting to see this little one doing so well and his name sake too! Hopefully they’ll meet when flipperd Spieth makes his way back to his home in the water.

From the The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center Facebook page:

Hello! Spieth here, checking in to say hello and to show off how beautiful I am looking. I was so sick when I checked in at The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. I was just about on my last flipper. I was so relieved to be rescued! I really don’t know how much longer I could have lasted. It was great to have all the folks at the hospital telling me how beautiful I was and that they were going to help me get well but I knew the real story…that I was pretty pitiful looking with lots of stuff growing on my shell, my scutes coming off, lots of sores and I was sooo skinny. I tried my best to show the folks at the hospital that I wanted to get well and that I was going to fight for this chance at life. As they fed me, gave me my baths, and treated my wounds I heard them talking about a golfer who had just won the the Augusta Masters. They were saying that he had some ties to Topsail Island and that his grandfather lived in nearby Hampstead. Then the best part of all was they talked about him winning a special green coat. I perked up at that. After all I am a green sea turtle. Then they said his name is Jordan Spieth and that he is really a good golfer, that he always strives to do his best, and that he is a fine and respected person. I bet that grandfather helped him be that way and I know his grandfather is really proud. Then came the very very best moment. Somebody said “I know what we can name this little turtle. Spieth! Spieth in honor of Jordan Spieth.” If I hadn’t been so sick and weak at the time I would have clapped my flippers. I really liked that name. Now that I am feeling better I have heard that my namesake is a contender for the Grand Slam. If I was really well I might try to swim across the sea and turn up to wish him well but since I can’t I thought I would come on this Facebook page in the hope that someone will give him a message for me. I want him to know that I have my flippers crossed and that I hope he wins. But the most important thing is that he is already a winner to all his fans like me. I have heard some whispers that his grandfather will be invited to help me go back home when I am cleared for release. I am really excited about that! Good luck Jordan Spieth….and no matter what happens, just keep swimming!

PS..I wonder if that Masters thing has green coats that will fit a sea turtle.