Our last Featured Organization is The Tiger Frances Foundation! @TigerFrances 

An organization built out of pure love, The Tiger Frances Foundation rescues retrains and rehomes abused and abandoned animals. They don’t see these animals as lost causes, they see a need for love and care and seek to provide the animals with future filled with the same! 

Recently, they have acquired their own dedicated foster house, providing the animals with 24-hour care and room to play. They have also recently launched the incredible Love on Paws program!  

“The mission of LOP is to foster empathy, compassion, self-confidence, and responsibility in at-risk youth by bringing the rescue animals we foster into the school room. In a free-form session guided by the input and needs of the teacher or mentor, the students interact with the pets, learning their rescue stories and the hardships they have overcome, caring for them, even reading to them. “ Read more about Love on Paws. 

From ears Mortimer (the cutest pup in the land) to Jessie the Turtle, and most recently Princess Buttercup the Iguana, The Tiger Frances Foundation works to rescue all types of animals in need and spread the love they bring with them. 

How to help! 

Check out their site to see pictures and videos of the amazing animals they’ve helped, animals currently up for adoption, those making a difference through the love on paws program, and to make a donation! 

Donate: https://www.tigerfrances.org/donate.html

Follow them on Facebook http://facebook.com/tigerfrancesfoundation

Follow on Twitter http://twitter.com/@tigerfrances

ABOUT TIGER FRANCES (From their website)The Tiger Frances Foundation is a non-profit 501©(3) organization.  Our purpose is to eliminate the abuse of animals.  We believe that animals are the world’s purest embodiment of unconditional love.  Yet this very nature makes them the target for abuse.  Many animals suffering in undesirable situations and shelters are deemed unadoptable. We disagree. More often that not, these animals just need a little more time, a little more patience, and a little more love. Our work has proved this.TTFF will provide a safe haven of love and support for animals in need. With your help, we will educate and promote our philosophy and experiences through publications, products, public programs, and politics. We want to be the pebble in the pond, the first action that inspires ripples of kindness and love.Love changes everything. 

That’s a mission we sure can get behind. Make a donation! Every penny counts.