Another beautiful enclosure sporting on of my signs! 🐢🐢🐢

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This is a fantastic enclosure and that is a quality sign! you should beware of us.. we will climb and nom and there is no stopping us! Also cause of the cold war and stuff. We want one! where can you get one??


What kind of music do turtles like?

Don’t tell her I told you.. but Zoya is a big fan of soft rock. I catch her listening to Foreigner all the time!


Illustrated Evolution of the Turtle Shell

Evolution of the turtle shell based on developmental and fossil data. This animation is based on the work of Dr. Tyler Lyson, currently at the Smithsonian Institution. The animation shows how various fossils, particularly Eunotosaurus and Odontochelys, bridge the morphological gap between a generalized animal body plan to the highly modified body plan found in living turtles.

The paper, published in Current Biology, can be found here.

Animation by Stroma Studios


I Imagineered myself a redic tortoise habitat. I’ll be trying to make this nutty thing over the weekend before my new family members arrive on Tuesday.

thats amazing! Human is obsessed with those hairpin table legs. 


Eternal Tortoise Epilogue #13: (For previous comic click here)

Magic Tortoise drawn by Susan Dos Santos

*sniff sniff* Aw man, here come the tears..I didn’t think they would kill Magic Tortoise in the end..I thought she would use some magic or something to defend herself. But it seems like Smallie came too late. Perhaps they can give one last hug…

If you forgot who Magic Tortoise is, click here. 

Oh no smallie help magic tortoise! :S