Do you know a good place to get a Russian Tortoise hatchling??

Hey! Great question!

I don’t know where you live, but I’d always suggest checking with a local rescue to see if there are adoptions available. They may not be hatchlings, but there are a lot of rehabed tortoises ready for a forever home, making space for another shell that needs help. They can also be a great help finding a reputable breeder in your in your area. That will save on shipping cost and stress. 

You can also take a look at some of the turtle and tortoise forums for listings of available hatchlings. Most small breeders don’t have a ton of hatchlings all the time (nature and all that) so they may not have websites but will list available hatchlings when they have them. They’ll ship them to you when they’re ready and the weather is safe for the little ones to travel. 

Check out The Tortoise Forum’s for Sale/Adoption section. Individuals whose shells have laid eggs and small breeders that have hatchlings for sale.

The Turtle and Tortoise Forum listed on has a Russian tortoise forum section and many breeders post there. You could post that you’re interested in buy a hatchling and/or ask for breeder advice for your area:,4.0.html

Faunaclassifieds sometimes has Hatchlings listed for sale

There are some breeders/ ‘vendors’ online that are ok but you’re going to want to stick with a place that is transparent about who they are i.e: If they are an individual breeder or if they sell for breeders (And who those breeders are). You’re going to want to be sure that information is listed/available. I’ve read good reviews of the places below. (I’ve heard/read especially great things about Vicki and The TortoiseYard, but she doesn’t have Russian torts.) I don’t have personal experience with any of these breeders or vendors so please keep that in mind.

Remember that buying from reputable breeders not only stops feeding the demand that fuels the illegal pet trade, but it can also save you from serious heartbreak.  I’ll save the horribly sad stories but some extra cost at the beginning can prevent your ending up with a sick tortoise that requires expensive veterinary care and still might not make it for very long. Seems worth it all around IMHO. 

So thats my 2cents… more like 75cents in pennies ha! 

Anyone else have thoughts? suggestions?


Last week the WSU community bid a fond farewell to Gamera, the spur-thighed tortoise that came to WSU to have his leg amputated in 2011. 

After amputating his leg, the veterinarians replaced his leg with a swiveling wheel, which was an effective, albeit wobbly, solution. 

Since his arrival, his wheel was replaced with a hard purple ball after the vets realized he didn’t really use the wheel to move, but to balance. 

This month, Gamera found a new home where he will be an ambassador of his species and of amputees. He will also have more space to roam. 

Goodbye Gamera, may your new home be filled with all the strawberries and lettuce you can eat!

Learn more about Gamera and his journey here

(photos courtesy of Henry Moore Jr. BCU/WSU) 

Gamera! You have the best name, a gorgeous shell, and will clearly be an ambassador of the #Turtpocalypse at your new home as well <3


This is the person that was freaking out about their seemingly lethargic tort. I thought you should know that I guess I was wrong and just paranoid, and that it must have just been the time of year and yucky weather we’d been having, because he is much more active now. In fact, the past few days he’s been nothing but wound-up!

WOOT! So glad to hear it! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that same panic moment only to realize it was a seasonal/weather/off day issue… Generally proven when I find Zoya climbing something ridiculous and looking at me for a reaction and/or noms ha! 

Heres a celebratory turtle dance! 


WildCare Inc. Needs your help this Box Turtle season and beyond.


We just learned about this wildlife rehabilitation center in Indiana and wanted to share it with you, especially since one of their main concerns and frequent patients are box turtles!
A fellow blogger, indianabreanna reached out to us about her place of work. It’s called Wildcare
They are a non profit rehabilitation organization in Indiana, like I said before. With it being Spring they are in need of help! Box turtle season is in full swing and they are expecting to (unfortunately) get an influx of them.
They will be crossing roads a lot soon so they will meet with cars all too often. 🙁
They rely mostly on public donation to keep doing the amazing things that they do, so that means you! If you could spare anything at all for this lovely organization they would greatly appreciate it.
You can donate via snail mail or paypal online! The link for information on how to donate can be found here

Just read this post by littlefootdoesstuff about WildCare Inc, and the awesome rehabilitation work they do in Indiana, especially during Box turtle season. 

They could use our help so they can maintain the fantastic work they do help our shell friends and many other creatures big and small. Check out their work and donate if you can. Its what keeps them, and all rehabilitation organizations, able to do what they do. 


Hannah tried to check on me and moved my shade hut over my water, so I decided to take advantage of this new set up and tried to get perfectly vertical. I can see the judges holding up their scores… all 10s!