Took this little guy outside for 2 hours today, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen him eat his D3 and Calcium supplement. His eyes are definitely getter better thanks to him being active.

a little sunshine does wonders for a shell


Silly Tortoise! #Charliebigbitetorts #CharlesInCharge #CaliforniaDesertTortoise #tortoise #tortoiselove #endangered

Hey! Who drank the last Dr. Pepper? I was saving that!  


Not a fantastic pic as i snapped one quick – im not disturbing him if i can help it. Baby is darker than i thought, almost like Phoebe. He’s been sat trying to get through his hole but he has a yolk sac so can’t get out yet! He’s managed to get a little drink though before going back for a nap 🙂

Amazing! must be so incredible to witness 😀