The only way to make me stop nomming the delicious pavement:  Real noms!Fresh, crisp chicory is lip-smackin' good!I totally did not make a mess.  What are you talking about.So many humans!  So many potential sources of more noms!Time for a nap...


Finally, a day warm enough for me to go outside!  Mom and I took advantage of the good weather by going to the park.  The park has my favorite pavement—it is so delicious that I spent the entire time trying to nom every single white speck!  (Mom was too busy making sure I didn’t swallow any rocks to take photos of my pavement nomming this time.)

I also met lots of new friends, including a couple of little girls who gave me the nicest cuddles.  I chilled in their hands and basked in the attention while they told me how cute I am.  Now that’s what I call proper shellebrity treatment!

When I got really hungry, I tried nomming Mom’s shoes.  Luckily, Mom had packed a snack for me, so I got to enjoy a big piece of chicory while watching all the people go by.  After that, I GRUMPed at Mom until she took me home for a nap!


Happy Gopher Tortoise Day! Habitat loss and fragmentation is one of the greatest threats to gopher tortoises. Today I’m dreaming about a connected Wild Florida that supports both humans and wildlife. Thanks to the determination of many Floridians, conservation of the gopher tortoise has come a long way, but there’s still a lot of work to do. .

Still have miles to go.