Does anyone have any ideas for tortoise enrichment? Pie has stopped trashing the place since Mash moved out but now doesn’t do a thing. He could use a lil bit of a mental work out (which wont take much lol)

I’ve hung zoya’s noms around her enclosure to get her to work for them. I also put them in one of those wiffle balls and let her chase it. What she likes best is stuff to climb on and over.. her log, I have a big branch and her soccer ball (its a dog toy soccer ball she’s had for a long time. She likes to climb it and push herself forward and roll off then do it again. )


I may not be allowed to eat Strawberries 🍓but omg their leaves ☘️🍃🐢are so big and yummy! #Summer #fruits #Cute #Baby #Tortoise

YASS! Its amazing how those leaves grow bigger than you! A whole yummy meal in a perfectly nomable package!


Baby Gopher Tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus), southern Georgia, USA

Gopher tortoises can grow to up to 15 inches long and weigh up to 15 lbs. But, as you can see they start off quite small. Tortoises will dig and use many burrows throughout the active season,
and these burrows provide shelter for around 360 other species in their

photograph: Nate Thomas, Wildlife Resources Division – Georgia DNR

USFWS Southeast Region)