My turtle needs a home.


I have a red eared slider that’s too big and too high maintenance for me and my mom to handle. She got him for me 9/10 years ago as an Easter gift because she thought we would be able to take care of him for as long as we had too. We’ve had many unexpected and expected life changes and we just can’t give him the quality of life he deserves. He’s about 9 to 10 inches long, and has a mild case of shell rot that will clear up soon once he’s given proper housing and filtration.

Atm he needs these things:
75 to 100 gallon tank
A basking platform
A heating bulb
Proper filtration system

Unfortunately my mom and I can’t provide these things, but there is the possibility of us being able to provide a small amount of financial aid. If you are able to take care of him please message me so I can talk to my mom and arrange something. Atm she wants to either release him, or keep him and neither of those things would be healthy or safe. We live north of Seattle and are willing to drive if it means he gets a safe home, and if we really have to I will look into express live animal shipping. Please help us, Gary is close to our hearts and we want him to be safe and happy.

Hey shell friends in the #Seattle area, do you have room for a slider friend? Gary needs a forever home that’s able to give him the quality life long care he needs! 

Hey it’s that person who got those tortoises from her friends. What kind is he/she. 

Hey, so a kind shell lover just took in two of these little ones because someone didn’t want them. I’ve guessed box turtle but I’m not an expert. Anyone have any input, can direct to a care sheet? 

I’ve suggested for care sheet info.. 

can anyone help? 



Friends! The shells need your help! Did you know it’s still legal to harvest Diamond back Terrapins and Snappers in New york state?!  The Diamond Back is listed as a species of special concern by CITES and yet harvesting them in their native territory is not illegal! How is this possible. 

PLEASE take a moment to sign this petition and share it with others. Time is running out and we can’t let another shell join the lengthy list of critically endangered species. 

Don’t just reblog, Sign the petition and then Reblog! 

Is there any way you can help me identify this little dude? My family is moving into an new house, and we found it in a tank. It’s previous owners left it there ): we’ve decided to keep it but I don’t know what species it is? Please help!

Hey there! WOW I honestly can’t understand how people can just abandon their animals like that. Poor shell baby is lucky you and your family moved in. That little one definitely looks like Box Turtle to me, from what I see an Eastern Box Turtle.  

It also looks like this shell might have an eye infection. It’s hard to tell from the pictures (and I’m not a Box turtle expert) but from what I’ve read, Boxies are prone to eye and ear infections. Looking at the pics the half-shut eyes are suspect to me.

 I’m guessing her or she did not have the proper temperature or humidity before you arrived.  Some extra warm soaks might help here. Also make sure the temps and humidity are on point. Truly, a visit to a vet is never a bad idea,  but especially with questionable health, not knowing what this poor little one has been through.

Here’s one Box Turtle site with info written by someone I know works in herpetology and researchers best care.

Hopefully some other folks can share their experience and direct you to more info?

calling all tortoise experts


is a tortoise table like this a good idea for a ~2-yr-old russian tortoise, or is it too small? my poor guy is living in a tank right now and im trying to find a better alternative

I’m in a studio apartment right now so an outdoor pen isn’t an option, and there’s not really room for a 50-gal tub. 

Hmm.. I can’t be sure looking at it there.. it looks a bit small. What kind of tortoise? More space will surely be necessary in a year or two if it isn’t now. Try levels? Zoya and I live in a studio and twell she’s lucky she’s so cute cause she gets a good 3rd of the place to herself hah.

ETA: I’m the worst (and super tired sorry!) you said russian tortoise. That might be ok for a very temporary situation but your little one will surely climb out of that when you’re not looking. Don’t underestimate shell skills hah


Good samaritans are accidentally mistaking a gopher tortoise for a sea turtle, releasing them into the ocean where they are less likely to end up as dinner for the many dangers that lurk on the beaches. Unfortunately, gopher tortoises can’t swim. 

The two shelled creatures can be distinguished by their limbs. Gopher tortoises have toes with a claw on each toe, and sea turtles have flippers, for swimming. [via]

This story has been making the rounds and I’m sure many of you have seen it. Endangered gopher tortoises are being “returned to the sea” because they are thought to be sea turtles. *sad face* 

I think the important lesson to take from this (aside from the turtle/tortoise difference) is that if you see a wild animal in distress, that’s not in immediate danger of being hit by car,  call someone who knows how to handle it to help or leave it alone. Far too often more harm is done than good, despite the best of intentions. 


On Monday, 11 turtles (9 of which you can see above) were dumped like trash by some awful human on the doorstep of the LittleRESq. As you can see, some had bloody noses, shell issues, infected skin, and are in need of medical attention ASAP! 

Read LittleRESq’s Post.  

We’ve posted about the incredible work of Little RESq here many times, and about their incredible spokes turtle, Audrey R. Slider.

As a small rescue, LittleRESq needs help to care for these turtles!  Please help these poor shells by donating to their emergency medical fund. Every bit helps. These shells deserve so much better than this! 

And spread the word! 


Conservation volunteers feeding tortoises at the Breeding Centre in San Cristobal, Galapagos, Ecuador. #ProjectsAbroadEcuador #Galapagos #Conservation #Tortoise #Help #Learn #Explore #Volunteer

What an incredible experience. #1 on my bucket list. 

No, Maggy isn’t a tortie but she *is* a dear puppy friend of ours who needs some help. If you can spare it, please donate and spread the word? 


This is Maggy, She’s a very sweet puppy with an amazing humom and they both really needs our help! (help here!)

Maggy got very sick in Mid may and while her platelet count rose briefly, sores started to appear on her body and she began having trouble walking. Her human is equally as sweet and wonderful as Maggy and she  would do anything for her pup. Tests and vet bills, and hospital stays add up and Maggy’s mom is overwhelmed with worry and bills.

If you have a spare dollar or two or more, please take a second and help Maggy get the treatment she needs to get well and give lots of snuggles for years to come.

Click Here To Help Maggie! PLEASE Spread The word! 

Thanks in advance!

PTFL & Zoya Pants