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Whoa! Tiny pancake tortie coming soon! 

What @courtnashe is doing is called ‘Candling’ the egg. This is how you distinguish a viable egg from one that isn’t going to turn into a tiny baby turtle or tort! Shining a bright pinpoint light behind the egg, if it is fertilized you will see a shadow on the egg, a spot that will become a tiny baby shell friend! Within a week you’ll begin to see a larger, rounder, more tortie like shape in the egg! With more time, more of the little creature inside will be visible and eventually, like here, they’ll be waving Hi from inside the egg!!  Around 66 ish days that little turt or tort will push through the shell and enter the world ready for domination. How awesome is that?!

THIS IS SO COOL! We can’t wait to meet virtually meet you tiny pancake friend!!! Thanks for sharing this awesomeness @courtnashe !

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Actually I’ll just get back in here!! 😂#testudohermanni #testudo #hermannstortoise #hermanni #hatching #hatchling #eggs #tortsofinstagram #tortoise

This is how I feel most mornings, little tortie.