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A belated HAPPY HATCH DAY to Little John, who turned 100 on April 23rd. I’m sure he’s seen far too much to bother tell you human reporters his stories 🙂

The giant tortoise celebrated living through a century on 23 April and while he sadly isn’t eligible for a letter from Her Majesty the Queen, he did get a special body massage and a belly tickle from his zoo keeper.
Swings and roundabouts, hey!

Treating the old guy to a rub down, his keeper Kristie Lawrence made sure to oil up Little John’s shell. Not only to stop his shell from drying out and cracking, but so the birthday boy could be looking his best for his celebration.

The 200kg tortoise (now that is heavy!) very much enjoyed his birthday treat and lucky for him, he could be in for plenty more as he is set to live for another 100 birthdays to come.

Speaking about Little John, Kristie said: “He’s just a beautiful, gentle giant. He’s got a few more birthdays to go, in captivity, giant tortoises can live to 200.”

If only he could speak, we bet he’d have plenty of stories in him!


Zoya picked you the last red hibiscus flower (cause you like red best!) a little early… and she may have fallen asleep with it. But if It survived the snow just for you,  surely it’ll last through a short tortie nap …

We hope you get lots of awesome noms and extra treats you don’t have to share with your brother. Sharing is not required on your hatchway, It’s totally a rule!  

Hugs and noms! 

Zoya & Humom


Baby is currently sat absorbing his yolk sac. He’s pretty adamant he wont stay put in the egg but once i moved him to a smaller, deeper tub with a warm, damp kitchen roll nest he seemed to settle. He’ll possibly stay here another 24 hrs 🙂

HAPPY HATCH DAY!!!! 2014 has already produced something amazing!