cactus fruit, chicory, and dandelions oh my!get in ma bellyMOR DANDIES!!Oh a new uvb/a bulb. gotta keep growing strong so I can dominate the worldthat thing that heats up when the power goes out? MA! this is like getting underwear for christmas! GeezAPPLETIME!!!!!!okie humom you can have some as long as you don't have any of mine.I WILL PUT MY FACE IN IT ALL AT ONE TIMEhappy birthday to mezzzzzzZZZzzzzzz

Happy Birthday To ME! 

Humom started my birthday celebration right on time with a super awesome tortie birthday cake! Layers of chicory, cactus fruit and DANDELIONS!!  I made sure to pick all the dandelions out of the cake first because I have PRIORITIES. yep.

I didn’t nom my whole cake cause I knew what was coming. Presents AND my yearly apple slice!!! I loooooove my yearly apple slice the most. Humom says I can’t have too much sugar so it is only a special birthday treat.

I tried to be a well-mannered tort and sniff all my gifts before climbing onto the apple in joy. I got a new UVB/A bulb so I can keep growing healthy and strong, some heat pad thingies in case of power outages (this is like getting underwear for Christmas ma.. wheres the fun stuff!), a new orange friend (doesn’t smell nomable), A PUMPKIN! for fun carving times later this month, AND  AN APPLE that will become my apple slice!

As soon as humom cut it up I gave her my biggest NOOOMS!! smile before shoving my face on it.  I was so excited I even shared a little with humom (not a lot.. just a little). It was glorious! All that excitement really wore me out so when humom went to change my bulb I crawled under my pillow and took a quality birthday nap!

It’s a special day, here at TortTime! Today is Zoya Pants’s birthday!! Well adoption day, really, but since we don’t know her official hatch date we celebrate today! There will be noms and presents and noms and more noms (cause who cares about presents that aren’t noms!)

Happy Birthday, Zoya pants! Your humom loves you very much (I know, not in front of your friends. It embarrasses you)

DANCE PARTY TIME!Dance party tortle style is the best kind of dance party!BOOGIE BOOGIE!Shake that bootie!I wonder what Zoya's favorite dance music is?Happy birthday, Zoya Pants!  Sending you tortie hugs and kisses!


Do you know what today is? It’s Zoya Pants the Great’s birthday!! In other words, it’s time to shell-a-brate and PARTY!

Thank you, Kirby and Whimsy!!!! WE heart you so much. Human had the busiest weekend so I am gonna shell-a-brate way more today! YAY!  (she did make sure I got a little bite of my birthday apple slice and had a good snuggle yesterday but today means PRESENTS!!!) 

When you’re 85 and 650lbs, you don’t have to share your birthday treats. Happy Hatchday, Bravo!

(Source:NEWPORT, KY (FOX19)

Newport Aquarium’s giant Galapagos tortoise celebrated his 85th birthday with a special cake from his favorite fruits and vegetables.

Bravo is the largest turtle in the Midwest at 650 pounds and turns 85-years-old on Saturday. Staffers created a birthday cake for him using watermelon, oranges, carrots, broccoli and lettuce.

Bravo hatched April 19, 1929 on the Ecuadorian island of Santa Cruz. He arrived at the United States as part of the last group of tortoises exported from the Galapagos Islands.

Bravo shares his birthday with a close friend. His primary caretaker, biologist Michelle Fry, was also born on April 19.

Sammy the Sulcata ( @SammyKaep7 ) wished his dad, 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7 ), a happy birthday yesterday. Unlike most teenagers, Sammy isn’t embarrassed to show his dad some love in public. 

Sammy the Sulcata ( @SammyKaep7 ) wished his dad, 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7 ), a happy birthday yesterday. Unlike most teenagers, Sammy isn’t embarrassed to show his dad some love in public.