If you aren’t a fan of Frankie Tortoise Tales yet you really should be! His halloween costume is a force to be reckoned with! Even though he didn’t win first place at the petsmart competition (come on a puppy in a bee costume? thats cute and all but LOOK AT FRANKIE!) I was told he attended another event and received 1st place as he deserved! 

You rule Frankie! 

Read Frankie tales here and check out his debut on Right This Minute TV here! 

This year we lost our incredible friend Frankie. He taught us so many things… like how to ram things, how to charm a crowd, and how to win best Halloween costume ever! 

Here he is as a UFO… unidentifed FRANKIE object 😀 The most epic of costumes. We miss you frankie! Hope you’re noming all the dandelions in the sky. <3

Human told me if wore this costume and walked around I would get treats! no dandies by this tree...Excuse me do you have any treats for me?No noms! Wait.. is this the trick part? I don't think I like halloween..I better get to eat the pumpkin?



Human said if I wore this costume and walked around I would get treats! The tree had no dandelions and that statue just looked at me funny. I think this is the trick part of trick or treat.  I better get to nom that pumpkin. 

Happy Shell-o-ween from Tort-time! 

It was a warm Halloween that year so Zoya thought she’d dress up as a garden shark.. you know. lurks in the greens noming your flowers. Ferocious!


Happy Halloween!  BRING ON THE TREATS! (Jumping off this stump was the trick). 

Happy #Halloween AND #tbt so it only seems fitting we revisit some of Zoya’s favorite Halloween costumes over the years!

I promised her she’d get a treat for every costume we shared… I swear she’s never full.

This year, in honor of the upcoming @psych_usa movie, Zoya decided to dress up as a Pineapple! She is a HUGE fan of delicious flavor (remember? and this too)

Trick or treating this year was, by far, the most successful! I told her it’s because of climate change but she claims it’s because she gets cuter every year. Either way, she patrolled the neighborhood and came back with quite a stash. DANDELIONS AND RADDICHIO! She even shared a bite of radicchio with her new pineapple friend (don’t tell her that pineapple is just a pillow. they seem to have bonded.)

feel free to click on my pictures for a larger view, and proof that I get cuter every year.