I would never have had Zoya if not for my first pet, the best kitty in the world, Svengali. He arrived in my life when a sorority girl living in my building my sophomore year of undergrad, who had received this kitten as a gift from a boyfriend, was stomping out the door to get rid of him just as my roommate and I were walking in. I held him in my arms and when she told me and my roommate he was going to the pound, I asked if I could have him. He was the first pet of my own and I fell so much in love with him my roommate let me take him with me when I left school. More over, I think I was so in love with him I was able to convince my friends I had birthed him (I said it enough they went with it till they forgot the truth might be different hah). Today he passed away. Liver disease. I am heart broken but relieved to know he is not in pain. He has not lived with me for many years. When my lung collapsed in 2004 it lead to my kitties Svengali and his brother Roo, who I got in NH a year or two later because sven was so amazing I needed a friend for him, being taken away from me and I was devastated. To this day, after many other things have happened to me that others would qualify as worse, I still consider it the worst thing to have happened to me. Svengali was my first baby and i am heartbroken at his loss. Roo, equally as amazing and thankfully still living a happy healthy life… though I know he will miss his brother, is doing well. He is happy in his home and I miss him terribly even while knowing he is taken care of. 

Zoya reminds me to be thankful for such incredible animals and especially thankful to sven for both being an amazing kitty and for leading me to Zoya when I didn’t think I’d ever be able to have and love pets again. if not for losing my kitties I never would have acquired this amazing tortoise and further fallen in love with her and her relative turts and torts. I will miss sven desperately still. 

So I hope you will all bear with me while I take a moment to mourn my kitten (though 11 years old at his death and 6 years living away from me) who I love like my flesh and blood. I love you Svengali.