The “I Probably Shouldn’t Own Turtles” Starter Pack

This post is not pretty but it is SO important. 

you MUST do research before adopting a turtle or tortoise. Know their housing needs, temperature needs, and proper diet. The majority of ‘care sheets’ handed out at pet stores are completely inaccurate. Those “starter kits” that pet stores sell? They are death sentences for your shell friends. They grow, they grow A LOT. Know how big your shell will grow, make sure you can accommodate their needs for many MANY years and at their biggest potential size. They might be fine for a month or two,  but not for long and the outcome is sick, dead and/or disposed of turtles and torts.

A little research, talking with experienced keepers, and you can find the right info for your shell and create a home that works for them and for you, probably for less money than those kits cost and a happy, healthy shell friend is the gift you’ll get every day for a very very long time.  If you aren’t willing to do that? You shouldn’t own a turtle or tortoise. End of story.