While #givingtuesday 2019 is coming to an end, the season of giving doesn’t have to end.  So when you can, lend a hand to help keep our shell friends around for generations to come.

In case you need some direction, here are just a few amazing organizations devoted to conservation, education, and quality care.


We ate, we shopped, now it’s time to give back… to the turtles! 

is December 3rd– don’t forget about the turtles!

Turtle Conservancy

help thousands of
turtles and tortoises around the world, like this Diamondback Terrapin
, and we can’t do it without your help!

Please visit https://support.turtleconservancy.org/campaign/end-of-year-appeal/c262218
to donate to our fundraiser (where all donations and memberships are
being matched dollar for dollar by a generous sponsor)…

And don’t forget
to check out the Turtle Conservancy store where all magazines and items
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Julie’s GivingTuesday Fundraiser for Turtle Rescue of Long Island

Julie’s GivingTuesday Fundraiser for Turtle Rescue of Long Island

When I was just a wee shell and my human brought me home, she was given piles of misinformation on how to care for me. Thankfully she found Julie Gary Maguire and the Turtle Rescue Long Island. With the help of this fantastic rescue, I have lived 10 happy years with the proper lighting, diet, and enclosure.

Their work doesn’t stop there! TRLI has saved the lives of so many injured and abandoned turtles and tortoises! Thanks to them many have returned to the wild where they belong or found sanctuary in the incredible home they’ve created!

Today is #givingtuesday and I hope you’ll consider supporting the organization that has done so much for us and for so many turtle and tortoise friends.


Click here to support #TurtleStrong Malibu Fire Relief organized by #turtlestrong

Click here to support #TurtleStrong Malibu Fire Relief organized by #turtlestrong

Many have requested information on how to donate to the American Tortoise Rescue’s post-fire relief without using facebook. The gofundme has now been set up! Consider giving what you can this #GivingTuesday! 

For those who missed the original post, the American Tortoise Rescue (founders of #WorldTurtleDay) were devastated by the California fires. 

In their words: 

“Our house and the turtle hospital in Malibu burned down Friday, November 10, during one of California’s most devastating wildfires.

With last-minute evacuation orders, we loaded both cars with animals, including all of the undersized and ill, as well as our seven special needs box turtles from the turtle hospital.  We left our possessions behind. Bunkle, our mascot, also rode out with us. The rest sheltered in place in fireproof housing as planned.

The fire descended on the rescue taking out fencing, trash cans, plants, trees, anything it could attack.  Thankfully, Tank, Poppy, Evil, Fluffy and more than 90 % of all the turtles and tortoises survived, including two rescued roosters. They were shell-shocked as you can imagine from the sights and sounds they experienced as the fire raged through and the winds blew at more than 50 mph.  But they survived the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs, so we know they will survive and thrive.

Replacing the turtle hospital and all of its contents will be a major expense, as will the renovation and upgrade of the entire sanctuary that took such a beating when the firestorm went through.

Stay tuned and pray for us as we recover and rebuild #turtlestrong

Hello shell friends! Today is Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back to all the incredible charities that make our world a better place. We are here to remind everyone not to forget the turtles, torts and the many incredible organizations that help shell friends survive!

Here is a list of some of these organizations to consider donating your time or money if you’re able.  Each of these organizations has done incredible things for turtles and tortoises everywhere.

Let’s give the #turtpocalypse a helping hand!

It’s #givingtuesday and every year we try to feature organizations doing good work to help our shell friends in need! Whether from rescue rehab and release to conserving their habitats, there are so many people working hard to make sure  turtles and tortoises are around for generations to come.

So if you are able, spare some change to help the cause. If you can’t (and we know how that goes) why not look for volunteer opportunities at one of these organizations or simply spread the word! 

This year we’ve compiled a small list of some of the great organizations that could use some help. It’s in no way comprehensive, so please feel free to add info on any rescues or organizations you know of and spread the word!

Let’s give the #turtpocalypse a helping hand this #givingtuesday

LittleRESq is our next featured organization this #Givingtuesday 2015

You may remember some of our earlier posts about this amazing little organization… that’s not so little anymore! Spokes turtle Audrey survived 20 years living in a bucket and was to be put down before a vet gave her a second chance. After much medical attention. she found herself at LittleRESq where she works as a spokes-turtle against animal cruelty.

Sadly Audrey’s condition caught up with her this year and she passed away on April 30, 2015, 4 years into her new life and cutting her lifespan in half. Audrey’s death was an incredible loss for her humans, the rescue, and so many of us in the turtle tortoise community.  Her legacy lives on through the incredible work of LIttleRESq and her brother Arthur, taking on the role of spokes-turtle  (Follow Audrey’s legacy on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/audreyres/)

The rescue was also faced with an increasing number of turtles in need of serious rehabilitation, from a group of turtles left in the trash to a 30 + turtles found in inhabitable conditions in a pet store, LittleRESq is overwhelmed with need for donations for medical bills, more space, and all the supplies required to properly care for turtles in need.

About LittleRESq: (from their site) 

The Little RES Q is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of exotic pet reptiles in an attempt to keep them from being released into the wild. We provide a better option for those who, for one reason or another, cannot take care of their reptiles anymore. Many small reptiles, especially turtles, get purchased as a pet for a young family member without fully understanding the costs in both material and time needed for proper care of the animal. Sadly all too often these poor creatures suffer from neglect even with the owner’s best intentions. We are a limited admittance shelter that restricts intake in order to uphold a standard in quality of life for the surrenders in our care. We implement a waiting list when necessary, use a foster care network to help, and emphasize adoption and responsible pet ownership for all types of reptiles.

How you can help?

Make a general donation herehttp://www.littleresq.net/index.php?page=home

Sponsor one of the turtles in need!


Donate an item they need!


Follow and Like them on Facebook!


Follow on twitter: @LittleRESq

Our last Featured Organization is The Tiger Frances Foundation! @TigerFrances 

An organization built out of pure love, The Tiger Frances Foundation rescues retrains and rehomes abused and abandoned animals. They don’t see these animals as lost causes, they see a need for love and care and seek to provide the animals with future filled with the same! 

Recently, they have acquired their own dedicated foster house, providing the animals with 24-hour care and room to play. They have also recently launched the incredible Love on Paws program!  

“The mission of LOP is to foster empathy, compassion, self-confidence, and responsibility in at-risk youth by bringing the rescue animals we foster into the school room. In a free-form session guided by the input and needs of the teacher or mentor, the students interact with the pets, learning their rescue stories and the hardships they have overcome, caring for them, even reading to them. “ Read more about Love on Paws. 

From ears Mortimer (the cutest pup in the land) to Jessie the Turtle, and most recently Princess Buttercup the Iguana, The Tiger Frances Foundation works to rescue all types of animals in need and spread the love they bring with them. 

How to help! 

Check out their site to see pictures and videos of the amazing animals they’ve helped, animals currently up for adoption, those making a difference through the love on paws program, and to make a donation! 

Donate: https://www.tigerfrances.org/donate.html

Follow them on Facebook http://facebook.com/tigerfrancesfoundation

Follow on Twitter http://twitter.com/@tigerfrances

ABOUT TIGER FRANCES (From their website)The Tiger Frances Foundation is a non-profit 501©(3) organization.  Our purpose is to eliminate the abuse of animals.  We believe that animals are the world’s purest embodiment of unconditional love.  Yet this very nature makes them the target for abuse.  Many animals suffering in undesirable situations and shelters are deemed unadoptable. We disagree. More often that not, these animals just need a little more time, a little more patience, and a little more love. Our work has proved this.TTFF will provide a safe haven of love and support for animals in need. With your help, we will educate and promote our philosophy and experiences through publications, products, public programs, and politics. We want to be the pebble in the pond, the first action that inspires ripples of kindness and love.Love changes everything. 

That’s a mission we sure can get behind. Make a donation! Every penny counts.

The Turtle Rescue of Long Island is our next featured organization this #GivingTuesday

This organization holds a very special place in our hearts. I was lucky to find them when Zoya first came into my life and I was in desperate need of good care information.  I was and am inspired by the great work Julie and TRLI do for turtles and tortoises and the constant willingness to answer all the questions new and long time owners have on a daily basis. 

The Turtle Rescue of Long Island’s website and mailing lists (Yahoo Russian Tortoise list & the rescues list) provide a wealth of resources for proper care of turtles and tortoises.

Moreover, they have rescued, rehabbed, and released (or adopted out) thousands sick, injured or unwanted turtles and tortoises. They are no longer taking in non-native turtles or tortoises but continue their incredible work rehabilitating and releasing injured native shells, existing as a sanctuary for those permanent residents they have acquired over their years of work,  and providing quality information on care and housing of turtles and tortoises. Run out of long island, the environmental needs are even larger during the winter time. Take some time to read about their work and consider making giving if you can. Every penny helps!

How to Help!

Make a Donation!

Become the sponsor of the tortoise or turtle of your choice!

Donate an item on their amazon wishlist!

Get some holiday gifts for yourself or others that also support TRLI!

Buy a bottle of wine!

-you can choose the type of wine or the type of turtle/tortoise! Makes a great holiday gift!

As do these rescue supporting candles!

About Turtle Rescue of Long Island (from their site):

Julie Maguire, Director of Turtle Rescue of Long Island (TRLI), and Steve Menikos, both New York State Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators, who after many years of keeping turtles realized the need for a network of caring keepers to help turtles that need new homes, founded Turtle Rescue of Long Island. After many years of taking in both native turtles for rehabilitation and non-native turtles and tortoises to place in new homes, we have come to a point where we have grown so that we cannot do both. As of July 31st, 2015 we will no longer be taking in non-native species, instead our concentration will be solely on rehabilitating native turtles.

(TRLI) is a small 501©(3) non-profit rescue that is dedicated to the care and conservation of all species of chelonians. Many turtles are purchased by well-meaning, caring individuals who over time become overwhelmed with the turtle in their care. Whether they were misinformed by the pet shop where they purchased their turtle as to their specific care or size the animal will grow, or just find they can’t provide the care required any longer, TRLI will try to point you in the right direction. We will send you information on proper care for your species and try to help you make changes so you can keep your turtle or tortoise.

For more information on turtles and tortoises join our Yahoo group. Just click on the link in the menu column. Lots of friendly turtle keepers with a like interest that love sharing advice, stories and more about their turtles and tortoises. Come join us!  


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