Video: Saving the Plowshare Tortoise

This week in the magazine, William Finnegan travels to Madagascar with Eric Goode [sub. req.], a Manhattan night-life baron “who tramps through mountains looking for turtles, tortoises, snakes, lizards, frogs, crocodilians,” Finnegan writes.

In this video, Goode seeks out the world’s rarest turtle, the plowshare tortoise. While trying to help save it from extinction, he travels to a wildlife conservatory and finds himself in a high-risk negotiation with local smugglers.

On this #reptileappreciationday I finished making Zoya her new castle. I think its pretty nice!

She is snuggled up in there in a pile of hay right now.

So lets all take a second and appreciate our reptiles. Turtles, tortoises, frogs, snakes, Lizards, and all. We, your humans, love you very much. Thanks for being so much fun to care for and to show off to the our always awed friends and neighbors.