saved her from getting run over.
I have no idea why she is painted bright blue.

So glad you saved her! Poor thing is probably struggling with his/her shell painted like that.

Don’t paint turtle or tortoise shells folks. Its so bad for them.

I just LOVE this photo! Look at that face! Look how he’s just thumpin on over to say hello and inspect you for some sort of tasty treat. Just more proof that tortoises definitely have their own personalities. Many don’t like to be bothered with humans, would rather bask than anything else. Zoya is nothing like that. Like this little guy, she is curious, definitely likes to climb and explore, and is happy to be with people. Its all about temperament..


I literally walked into their area…and she saw me and came RUNNING out. One of the most friendly tortoises I’ve ever met (I haven’t met many…)