calling all tortoise experts


is a tortoise table like this a good idea for a ~2-yr-old russian tortoise, or is it too small? my poor guy is living in a tank right now and im trying to find a better alternative

I’m in a studio apartment right now so an outdoor pen isn’t an option, and there’s not really room for a 50-gal tub. 

Hmm.. I can’t be sure looking at it there.. it looks a bit small. What kind of tortoise? More space will surely be necessary in a year or two if it isn’t now. Try levels? Zoya and I live in a studio and twell she’s lucky she’s so cute cause she gets a good 3rd of the place to herself hah.

ETA: I’m the worst (and super tired sorry!) you said russian tortoise. That might be ok for a very temporary situation but your little one will surely climb out of that when you’re not looking. Don’t underestimate shell skills hah