Friends! Have you seen the adorable pancake tortoises  @courtnashe  has shared with us? Well, she has created an incredibly well-researched care sheet for those looking to care for Pancake tortoises!

Pancake Tortoise Care Sheet

Finding a quality care sheet based on well-researched information and experience is vital to raising a happy and healthy tort. Check this care sheet out and share it with anyone caring for or looking to care for pancake tortoises!

In related news: 

We are starting a master list of quality care sheets! There’s an incredible amount of bad information out there on how to care for turtles and torts and sadly that information seems to be what’s most accessible and most frequently put in the hands of first-time owners.  So, let’s band together and create a place where you can find quality care sheets on as many species of turtles and tortoises as possible!  

If you know of a quality, thorough, and well-researched care sheet for a particular species of turtle or tortoise send them along! We’re trying to verify the quality of information of everything we put on the list so all input is helpful. If you’re interested in helping out with this project, please message as well!

Cactus for the rest of us


Having issues lately finding Cactus at local grocery stores. Does anyone know of a good online source to order fresh cactus???

Check with Carolina Pet Supply! They sell pads for feeding & Planting (though I fail at that).  Here’s a link