Thanks to the isolation that has been produced to avoid more contagions from the COVID – 19 coronavirus, some animals have taken advantage of walking the streets, swimming where they did not do it before or returning to certain areas.

An example of this is the massive arrival of thousands of sea turtles to empty beaches in India, according to reports from local media and social networks.

The absence of these turtles were observed in 2002, 2007, 2016 and last year too but this spring was the first in seven years that the mass nesting of the species took place at broad daylight.

Without tourists on the beaches, human interference at the nesting site decreased and experts and authorities estimate that the turtles laid around 60 million eggs in the sands of these Indian beaches.

Source: IBT

Quarantine Diaries: Day 21

If quarantine has taught this tortoise anything it’s that we should be extra nice to our earth. It brings us noms, gives us places to dig big holes, things to stomp on, and the best sun puddles to nap in!

Let’s live every day like it’s earth day! If we treat her nice she’ll be nice back. Trust me I’m a tortoise. I know things!


“We have long been committed to the conservation of rare and threatened turtle species in Eastern Massachusetts, and are thrilled today to share the formation of a SAFE (Saving Animals From Extinction) American Turtles program! Alongside @newenglandaquarium and various animal care specialists, wildlife agencies, and law enforcement, we are excited to continue our work to help species like spotted turtles, wood turtles, and Blanding’s turtles not only survive, but thrive.”

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Its Earth Day AND international turtle and tortoise week!  No one knows how to appreciate the earth like our shell friends. They have been doing it for thousands of years! Lets do our part to keep it safe for their sake! 

Happy Earth Day to all our shell friends and their humans! 

Plastic straws hurt sea turtles and maybe even humans, environmental groups say.

Plastic straws hurt sea turtles and maybe even humans, environmental groups say.

This Earth Day: Lets Skip The Straw!

Much like the author of this article, I could barely get through the very graphic video of the sea turtle bleeding and struggling to breathe after a plastic straw gets lodged in its nose. (video is hereit is incredibly graphic and painful to watch be warned)

These critically endangered creatures face so many human-created obstacles in the struggle to survive, to think we make such an impact by skipping the straws.. seems the least we can do for the sea turtles and all the ocean wildlife impacted by this.

More than 500 million single-use plastic straws are being used by Americans every day. Plastic straws are one of the most common litter items found during beach cleanups.

There are plenty of other options for straw lovers, reusable, paper, etc.. so how about joining us and skipping the straws! A small step that can make a huge difference

Check out some sustainable straw options here!