Plastic straws hurt sea turtles and maybe even humans, environmental groups say.

Plastic straws hurt sea turtles and maybe even humans, environmental groups say.

This Earth Day: Lets Skip The Straw!

Much like the author of this article, I could barely get through the very graphic video of the sea turtle bleeding and struggling to breathe after a plastic straw gets lodged in its nose. (video is hereit is incredibly graphic and painful to watch be warned)

These critically endangered creatures face so many human-created obstacles in the struggle to survive, to think we make such an impact by skipping the straws.. seems the least we can do for the sea turtles and all the ocean wildlife impacted by this.

More than 500 million single-use plastic straws are being used by Americans every day. Plastic straws are one of the most common litter items found during beach cleanups.

There are plenty of other options for straw lovers, reusable, paper, etc.. so how about joining us and skipping the straws! A small step that can make a huge difference

Check out some sustainable straw options here! 

Honolulu Zoo celebrates Earth Day, tortoises 100th birthday

Honolulu Zoo celebrates Earth Day, tortoises 100th birthday

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to celebrate 100 years of life for these incredible tortoises! They’ve lived on this earth longer than we’ve been alive!  


Since today a random cold front swept through making it to cold to adventure Freddy decided to make it a snuggle in day. Made himself a bundled little nest and snoozed the day away dreaming up who knows what. Silly lite tort. To all of our friends.

Happy Earth Day freddy!! We had to stay inside today too. I hear tomorrow we get to go outside! We can celebrate then cause for a tort? Every day is earth day!

Happy #EarthDay and the final day of International Turtle and Tortoise Week #ITTW!

There are so many ways YOU can help protect the earth and the shell friends that live there today and EVERY day! 

Learn about and support, climate change & conservation policy and advocacy organizations. Find ways you can reduce reuse and recycle in your own life! Learn about small things you can do to protect our oceans, wetlands, etc. cutting up the plastic soda can rings, recycling bags, cleaning up shorelines!

Learn about all our shell friends and spread information about responsible pet adoption, the impact of the illegal wildlife trade, and how to protect their natural habitat. Support research organizations working to find solutions. 

SPREAD THE WORD!  Information yields action!

And of course, support wildlife rehabilitation and rescue organizations! Donate, Volunteer, and spread the word about the many amazing animals rescues doing everything they can to keep our shell friends, and other at-risk animals alive!

here are just a few shell supporting organizations we love:

Shell specific organizations:

For the earth

Spread the word and add your own!