It’s officially spring and its snowing! Clearly you need a shirt celebrating Boston’s latest parade worthy championship: Snowiest winter ever. <— click for my teespring campaign!

I worked hard to design a shirt that truly captures all the crazy that has made this winter historic. In fact, I’ve been thinking if we all wear this shirt, and parade down the street, the snow might just accept its win and move on for the year (it’ll get its duck boats, after all)! Long sleeve shirts and hooded sweatshirts are also available in the campaign since it may never be warm again.

You can also feel free to share the link to the teespring campaign with anyone you think might like it or with  friends that you know have money to throw around.

Any funds raised will go directly to paying for the extra heat lamps that acquired to keep Zoya the Tortoise warm. Moreover, I promise not to ship you any snow since I’m guessing you probably have enough of your own.  I am happy to provide addresses of people in warm weather locations that deserve snow mailed to them (should that compel you to purchase a shirt)… ok not really… well maybe if you buy all the shirts.. hahaha 😀 

Hey guys, humom designed this shirt in honor of Boston’s crazy winter. Pardon the non-tortoise related promotion, but she promised I’d get extra radicchio if she meets her goal. 


I Imagineered myself a redic tortoise habitat. I’ll be trying to make this nutty thing over the weekend before my new family members arrive on Tuesday.

thats amazing! Human is obsessed with those hairpin table legs. 

Wow! these are fantastic. Thought I would post them on Tort time in order to promote the tortoise aspect of the work. As an art and architecture enthusiast, on the other hand, I love these beyond the inclusion of my favorite animals. And well… I think they are pretty clever and well done. 


I did these about a year ago for class and I’m still more proud of them then I am of probably any of my other pieces. They’re based on the fact that some animals, like turtles and snails, carry their homes around on their backs. It seemed clever at the time.