while I’d never recommend or promote doing this to your tortoise… I realize they generally do things similar to this to themselves. this is tortoise PARKCOR!!!!!!!!!!!!






Like a BAMF

Or, for the R&I fans, Like a BASS!

Holy turtle found on day of the rapture!

While there has not yet been a second coming of Christ (as of this writing) on this day of Rapture, there was at least one holy sign for the faithful to embrace in northwest suburban Streamwood.

A printing company employee out on her break picked up a tiny turtle and was immediately struck by its markings.

“Right away, to her it resembled the Virgin Mary,” said Ronnie Chavez in retelling his mom’s Saturday morning tale.

The painted turtle — about the size of a half-dollar — was wandering across the parking lot. Chavez’s mother, Gricelda, intended to move it to the safety of a pond, but the turtle flipped over when she reached down, revealing the pattern on the bottom of its shell.

“It caused a big stir. [Co-workers] came over. They were taking pictures,” said Chavez.

The reptile, now nicknamed Holy Turtle, was taken home and is temporarily living in a new container and has been offered a bit of food.

“I honestly don’t make too much of it. It’s a coincidence of the pattern, but my mom is a little bit more religious — Catholic. She’s not taking it too serious, but of course it’s kind of a big deal,” said Chavez.

The date of the find is not lost on his family.

“I just thought it was kind of funny since today was supposed to be the big Doomsday,” he said.

“Dr. Cori”, age 7, assists with the surgery of sea turtle “Keisha”, a plush toy and teaching tool,  thanks to the Sea Turtle Conservancy’s AdvoKids program.

— Cori McWilliams, 7, was one of 12 children chosen from a pool of more than 50 children to participate in the “Vet for a Day” program at the Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s annual TurtleFest in June Beach on April 9.

During the program, “Dr. Cori” received a plush sea turtle that was suffering from an ailment commonly found in sea turtles: inability to eat due to a fishing hook being lodged in its throat. Under the supervision of Melissa Ranly [LMC Hospital Coordinator] and Dr. Nancy Mettee [LMC Veterinarian], Cori followed the procedures that would have been followed if her plush sea turtle was living: an initial examination and assessment of the animal, taking x-rays, performing surgery [in this case, to remove the fishing hook], and learning about the necessary follow-up care of the animal. All procedures were performed in LMC’s sea turtle hospital.

(source http://tortoiseblog.com/local-student-becomes-vet-for-a-day)

That’s right people, they learn their names, who you are, when its time for food, how to push a ball… Don’t let people tell you they are dumb or boring animals.

Tiny Tortoise Comes When Called (by planetXplorer)

Taco, the amazing tortoise, comes out of his burrow when called! We were in total disbelief, but the tortoise has done this several days in a row, and now we have video to prove it! Our itty bitty tortoise is incredible.