Remember when me and Mango dressed as Rocket and Groot for Halloween? Well it’s 3 weeks until Halloween which means we need to start our new costumes! In the hopes that all our shell, scale, fur and feather friends are excited too, I have decided to announce Waffles’ Halloween Parade!!! You have until October 29th to mail your amazing costume pic to to be featured in the parade. As a bonus, a panel of Halloween nerds will choose the best costume and they will win a copy of my 2016 calendar! So nom on some pumpkin and start creating!

Have you heard about Waffles’s Halloween Parade? Mail in your costumes to Waffles to be part of what is going to be the best parade ever! You don’t have to be a tortle—furbeasts, featherbeasts, scalebeasts, all beasts are welcome!

We are so excited for this parade that Zoya submitted a pic of her costume EARLY!  It’s EPIC! Just like this parade! Hope you all join in the fun too!


The desert tortoise is a charismatic species that is currently under dire threat. Everything from hungry ravens to human theft has put a serious dent in their wild populations — to the point that these ancient beasts are currently facing possible extinction. What can be done to rescue them from the brink? Enter the Guardian Angel Rover, a radio-controlled, camera-equipped rock crawler that helps protect these charming creatures while broadcasting video of their desert-dwelling lives back to the world at large. (Think of it like tortoise television for a better world.)

The ambitious project will be the first from Hardshell Labs, a scrappy upstart of techies, conservationists, and makers who hope to connect people with nature through the collective use of low-cost technology. Says founder Tim Shields: 

What I envisioned was a way to use the video game format and modern camera and internet technology to transport “player-conservationists” out into the real world to do real conservation work. At the time I knew zilch about the mechanisms that would be involved but I felt that tapping the deep sense of play in humans could be a huge boon to the desert tortoise and other creatures in distress.

In line with the Rover’s DIY, game-ified spirit, it will also come with a wealth of Maker-friendly features — including a design guide and 3D-compatible digital file that will enable enterprising tortoise-savers to contribute their own knowledge, ideas, and hardware upgrades. Love this project? Be sure to back it soon, as the campaign draws to a close in just a couple of days.


They may out live you.
Will you be able to afford them long term?
Will you be able to grow and source the food they need?
Will you still have time for them when you go to university or get that job you want?

No one can predict the future, but please plan ahead. They depend entirely on you, don’t let them down by purchasing them on a whim.

Created by the 11 year old i look after with only a little help from me 🙂 

Please plan ahead, understand potential futures, make sure you are prepared to take on their challenges.

Adopting is a forever commitment, your shell might very well out live you, You are committing to him/her and abandonment is never an option. Prepare, care. and love.. Its worthwhile if you do these things. So worthwhile. <3