An Edge!  As a tortle, I must peer over every edge I see!If I jump, there's soft squishy carpet down below, and Mommy's hand obviously will swoop in to catch me anyways...


The eternal question of tortles and edges: To jump or not to jump?

I find its good to assess the distance between you and your human. Are they close enough to interrupt your adventure? Are the not too close but there in case you need some assistance should the mission go wrong? Are they in another room and, if so, are there noms you can steal if you’re free? Decision making is hard.

Still no noms?!Okay, this American is going to show some independent thinking and find his own noms!What is this red thing I spy??FACEPLANTDelicious-looking red thing, I inspect you with my pirate eye!I SHALL NOM YOU, RED THING!Happy birthday to Uncle Sam and red noms to me!


I got impatient waiting for noms on my patriotic grandstand, so I decided to find my own noms!

Kirby are you getting bigger?! Look at you! HAPPY 4th! FREEDOM WILL BE OURS!