Such pretty curves on this stapler!This is now the cutest stapler in the world!This stapler is just the right size for me to relax on top of it!No noms down there either...I like this stapler so much that I am going to take a nap on it!Tape dispensers are funny.Ugh!  This tape is STICKY!A desk calendar!!No pictures and no colors?!  Boring!!


After inspecting the turtles on Mommy’s desk on Friday, I inspected the other things on her desk, took a nap on her stapler, and helped Mommy flip the page on her desk calendar. Mommy got this year’s desk calendar from a White Elephant back in December. It is way inferior to our Disney one in 2013: Not only are there no pictures of Beauty and the Beast, but also there are no pictures at all!

Kirby makes everything better!!


Ahoy there! Happy #WorldTurtleDay! #tortoise #turtle #sherlock #smile #selfie #instagood #beautiful #blackandwhite #cute #follow #happy #like #love #photooftheday

Cause every day is world turtle day, especially sunday! Lets adventure!


Saw the most adorable lost pet sign in Huntington Village, NY the other day and forgot to post until now. I hope this kid finds this little guy! 🐢
#lostpet #Huntington #tortoise #pet #cute #cutekid

Oh my gosh. This is adorable and sad and help them find their shell best friend and bring him home!

Can I move now without dropping everyone?The answer is still no, isn't it?Well, I still look cute!I am cute from all angles!How many clovers do I get as a reward for staying still for so long?Best tortle tower!Time to properly meet all my tortle tower friends now!Brown sea turtle is wearing very red lipstick.Phone charm turtle, I am not going to burp in your face this time!Does this mean we're friends now?  Happy World Turtle Day, everyone!


Happy World Turtle Day!, Part 2

Is this order in the tortle tower less precarious than the first one? And does this mean phone charm turtle likes me better now?

yay! Happy World Turtle Day Kirby!


The cutie patooties we just dropped off at Busch Wildlife. With any luck, they’ll be released into a state park! And no, he didn’t want the carrot. #tortoise #gophertortoise #protectedspecies #baby #reptile #rescue #Floridawildlife #cute

good luck little guy! hope you get a lot land to roam and nom!