Hurrah, a new fuzzy friend!Any present we send out must first pass my inspection!Fuzzy seal pom pom, you pass with flying colors!No chomping allowed?!  How else am I supposed to show my verdict?!


A few months ago, we commissioned a special pom pom keychain friend from Pompom Wonderland for our friend @qvoro!  Pom pom seal is so cute that I immediately wanted to give him the ultimate compliment, but Mom yelled, “NO, KIRBY!” so I pulled back at the last second.  I am so confused.  How else am I supposed to give my seal of approval?!

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Who needs a groundhog when you’ve got Mojave Max!? 

(source: news 3 las vegas)

LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Groundhog Day is over, and the furry guy predicts an early spring, but the desert has its own version of this annual event, and it’s hosted by a not- so-furry mascot.

Mojave Max, a desert tortoise who lives at Springs Preserve, has been marking the beginning of spring and teaching students about desert conservation for over 20 years.

Every fall, when the weather cools off, Max goes into a reptile version of hibernation, called brumation, by entering his burrow and staying there until the weather begins to warm up.

To make his eventual emergence even more exciting, the Clark County Desert Conservation Program organizes a contest for students from kindergarten to fifth grade, giving them the chance to win prizes if they can guess when Mojave Max will come out of his burrow.

While of course, we love our furry groundhog friends, we think Mojave Max is the one that really knows what’s up.  Lets make some guesses as to when he’ll emerge this year? Winner gets a certificate of turtpocalypse awesomeness! What’d ya think?? 


“It’s the First Time Any Western Chelonian Researchers have Encountered Forsten’s Tortoises in the Wild!” 

Christine Light (Sulawesi Chelonian Conservation Program Coordinator) and Cris Hagen (TSA’s Turtle Survival Center Director of Animal Management) are currently on Sulawesi Island, Indonesia conducting surveys for endemic chelonians.

Their counterparts
from Tadulako University (UNTAD) in Central Sulawesi, Dr. Jusri
Nilawati and Dr. Fadly Y. Tantu have found Forsten’s Tortoises in the
wild before.

Christine and Cris got to share the excitement of being the
first Western Biologists to see a Forsten’s Tortoise in the wild with
them, their students, Muh Gunanta Putera and the rest of the team…

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