Dying of cute: Zoya in the “garden”

Zoya has been getting some garden time now that its warm here in Massachusetts. I don’t have many plants for her yet so I added a christmas cactus and an aloe plant I had around the house (for shade and what not.. ) She’s been causing a ruckus all over the place, destroyed the aloe in 10 minutes, but today was just too much. Cactus officially uprooted, tortoise completely buried, tortoise emerges slowly in the cutest way possible. 

Seriously people! How can you not LOVE her?!? LOOK AT THE FACE PEEKING OUT OF THE DIRT!? 

A tortoise had a lucky escape from death after being spotted cruising in the slow lane of a busy motorway.

It was discovered by pet shop owner Barry Ash while he was driving along the M26 in Kent on his way to Heathrow to pick up a consignment of tropical fish.

The shocked 60-year-old owner of Ark Pets and Aquatics said: ‘I was just coming off the M20 and going on to the M26 and it was really quiet, no traffic in front of me and none behind me. 

As I was going along I just caught something out of the corner of my eye and I immediately thought ‘tortoise’.’

Pulling over to the hard shoulder, the slow escape of the animal left Mr Ash’s heart racing as he discovered the 11-inch long creature crawling along the inside lane of the motorway.  

Well below the 70mph speed limit, tortoises, some of which can live up to 150 years, travel roughly at 0.3mph if in a hurry.

The pet shop owner, from Ergeton, Kent who has stores in Maidstone, Canterbury and Gillingham, added: ‘I saw a car coming and waved it over into the other lane and quickly picked the tortoise up and put it in the back of my van. 

‘It was lucky really because at that point a stream of HGVs were coming along the road so he would have come out a lot flatter than he is now.  

‘He got a trip up to Heathrow and back and now he’s living with me and has been nicknamed M26. 

‘I don’t think he can be much more than 20 years old but he’s doing all right.  

‘He’s got quite an attitude on him though and doesn’t like being caged in so I can see why he made his escape.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2024543/Tortoise-rescued-van-driver-spotted-plodding-M26.html#ixzz1UfpBhmh5

The world’s oldest living animal has been recognized as a 178-year-old tortoise 

  The Guinness world record for the oldest living creature is the Triops cancriformis, or tadpole shrimps, which are said to be the oldest pedigree of any living creature and fossil evidence suggests that they have hardly changed in the 200 million years they have existed. 

  Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the oldest parrot- living: 39 years, held by pet parrot Fred, owned by Sandra LaFollette of Chariton, Iowa, USA. 

Holy crap! you guys!! Look at these incredible baby Egyptian tortoises just unveiled at the Woodland park Zoo in Seattle! They are barely bigger than a thumb nail! Gorgeous! anyone want to buy me a ticket to Seattle so I can report on these little ones live? you know you want to…

Tiny Baby Egyptian Tortoise Up Close (via dahalcon)