A job posting for a ‘Tortoise walker’, on craigslist,  has turned into an internet sensation!

Henry is a 16-year-old, New York tortoise, whose humom Amy wants to make sure he gets enough outdoor time during the work week (weather allowing). Offering 10 dollars an hour to take Henry to central park (he has his own stroller to get him there!), the only real requirements are a love of animals, the ability to lift henry and keep track of his ‘surprisingly speedy’ shell.  

From the daily dot, to mashable, to BuzzFeed , the post has rocketed Henry into stardom and I’m guessing people are lining up to be his tortoise walker. Henry’s instagram has gained quite a few followers too! Don’t blame folks, he’s pretty handsome and loves hip hop.  

I highly recommend reading all three of those stories and checking out his instagram, they are all incredibly entertaining and adorable. 

Zoya was sure to point out (by peeing down my shirt earlier) that I walk her for free. yeah yeah.. 

I did start to wonder, though, where’s the social network for turt and tort owners looking for occasional/short term/ caretakers? doesn’t seem like a bad idea if you ask me.

Anyone in the Boston area have room for a baby “mud turtle” in need of a new home??

Note- he’s listed as a mud turtle but I had my doubts and I have some agreement. Possibly a slider of some sort (Though the feet  have me unsure). 


I avoid the pets section on craigslist like the plague (breaks my heart) but this little guy was listed in the free section. Really hoping he doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. I would adopt him immediately if I had the finances/space to give him the home he deserves.

click here for the ad.

Note he was a gift for an ex girlfriend. This is why giving pets as gifts is a really bad idea. Preparation, research and a full commitment is vital to raising a happy and healthy animal. 

Anyone up for the job??


PLEASE RESCUE THIS TORT! Anyone in the Anaheim/So Cal area that knows the proper care of tortoises please rescue this little guy and give him the proper diet and light and care he needs. So tragic the shape he is in. Don’t let him go to someone that will put him in a cage with no light and just pellets. (via Free Turtle!)