Do you have any tips on how to keep tortoises warm if the power goes out in the cold? Thanks!!!

Awesome question!

Heres my go-to for power outages (and also if we go to the Vet or somewhere in the winter do this for car rides)

I always make sure I have a good number of ThermaCare heat wraps around the house and with my ‘emergency stuff’ for potential power outages during extreme cold, travel, etc.  I like these because they get warm but not Hot enough to burn and last between 4-10 hours.  You can get them at so many places, Drugstore like CVS, Walgreens, a Target type store, most grocery stores have them with band aids and things like that.They aren’t too expensive either. 

Therma care, and other similar brands, use air activated heating. Thats what you want to go for. Many other products include scents or menthol creams for the “heat” effect, and those are pretty useless when warming a tort and not so good for them either way.

If you have a pet carrier for your tort, you can open up a couple of these heat pads, line the inside of the carrier with them, add a layer of towel to prevent burrowing induced ripping, and put your tortie in there with a few more blankets they can snuggle/burrow in. You don’t want to smother them but keep the carrier semi closed to maintain the heat.

In leu of a pet carrier, I’ve used a small duffle bag (if you have a canvas bag it lets more breathable air in there while keeping in the heat) and essentially done the same. 

I like the L/XL lower back heat pads. They come in a nice cotton covering that can be wrapped around your waist or, in this case, the bottom of the pet carrier insert or a small pillow in the duffel bag. 

This has worked pretty well for keeping Zoya warm in a power outage and warm during travel. It by no means reaches the temperature of any basking spot, it simply maintains a level of warmth that simulates night time temps and will hopefully prevent any illnesses brought on by the cold. 

This is NOT for long term use. In extreme cold, if a power outage is lasting longer than an hour or two, its important that you and your tort head to somewhere with heat and electricity.

I hope this helps!!

Anyone have any other tips??