Tell China to Stop Massacring Turtles in Foreign Waters!

Tell China to Stop Massacring Turtles in Foreign Waters!

Tell China to Stop Massacring Turtles in Foreign Waters!

Tell China to Stop Massacring Turtles in Foreign Waters!


In Kalimantan, Indonesia, one of the world’s premier Turtle nestling habitats, the age-old creatures, my favorite animal, were making a comeback. Years of diligent work by local and international NGOs in cooperation with fisherman and Government were having an impact.

The Turtles were coming back! 

Then, suddenly, their numbers began falling again. And activists couldn’t figure out why. They were doing everything right – using new technology to ensure fish nets don’t accidentally capture Turtles, community monitoring of hatch sites, strict control of trade. 

Now, we know why.

Taiwan coastguards seized more than 2,500 protected turtles bound for dinner plates in China, officials said Sunday, calling it the biggest smuggling case of its kind they had ever seen.

Coastguards discovered the 2,626 rare turtles — 1,180 Asian yellow pond turtles and 1,446 yellow-lined box turtles — in a container on board a vessel in Kaohsiung, a port in the south of Taiwan, on Saturday.

These Turtles are being stolen from the waters of nearby Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, all countries with stunning biodiversity. That is why Kalimantan was seeing such a drop in Turtle counts, despite years of hard work to protect Turtles.

This can’t go on. Sign this petition and call on the Chinese Government to enforce global laws on its fishermen, so that they cannot cross into international waters and hunt Turtles. Hundreds are already calling, but we need more. Way More. To ensure that China feels global pressure and listens.

Otherwise, its only a matter of time before another illegal boat is found with hundreds of endangered Turtles.


On a commercial street in China, little tortoises are found packaged as souvenir!!! These little tortoises are still alive and swimming inside a herbal solution. The store owner says it can live for 1-3 months. 5 RMB a piece.

this makes me so sad. take it out of there and care for it.. someone.. irrational idealism hurts when you know deep inside its not gonna happen

 Chinese farmer has dug up a potato shaped like a tortoise in his field! Its the first sign of the #Turtpocalips! 

Ma Xiuling, 64, found a tortoise-shaped potato while digging up vegetables in his field near Longshan village in Yanji, north-east China’s Liaoning Province. 

The unusual potato, which is about the size of a two-week-old puppy, has four similarly sized round ‘feet’, a ‘body’ and a ‘head’.  

And if that didn’t make it lifelike enough, there are even two small indentations on the head, resembling a pair of eyes.  

Mr Xiuling said the potato originally also had a tail, but it snapped off when he dug it out of the ground. 

The potato has gained plenty of local attention, with neighbors in his village coming to see the peculiar tuberous crop.

‘Neighbours all feel surprised when seeing the weird-shaped potato,’ Mr Xiuling said