An African Spur Thigh #Tortoise, resident of GarLyn Zoo, is said to have “inadvertently assisted” in Carlos the Aligator’s Escape Thursday!

We can’t say for sure, but there are some serious Shawshank Redemption undertones about this story… Also, this big guy looks pretty pleased with himself. 

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NAUBINWAY (AP) — An owner of a zoo in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula says a 12-inch alligator has escaped, possibly with some help from a tortoise.

TV stations WWTV-WWUP and WPBN-WTOM reports the alligator named Carlos got out of an enclosure over the weekend at the GarLyn Zoo near Naubinway. He was spotted by people nearby, who called police, but he wasn’t caught.

Gary Moore, who runs the zoo in Mackinac County with his wife, says he suspects the alligator slipped underneath a fence. Moore says a large tortoise that walks in the area, wearing away dirt, likely was an inadvertent accomplice in Carlos’ getaway.

GarLyn Zoo is home to about 100 animals, including two adult alligators. Anyone who spots Carlos is asked to contact police or the zoo.


Yeah~~~~ My little babu will cosplay bulbasaur :3 Cosplay is for everyone, right? and tortoise isn’t the exception :v
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link of the bulbasaur pic

that’s uncanny, Babu! Are you at SDCC right now? They need to have a tortoise and turtle panel next year. 


Gabe the tortoise eating salad in a reptile show at The Living Desert

Gabe’s noming style was more Long Distance Noming than Sprinting. 12 plates later he continued to snack while his competitors napped in the shade. 

Thanks to the hard work of The SC Aquarium Sea Turtle Hospital, Briar the loggerhead #SeaTurtle has recovered and is back in the ocean where she belongs! Showing off that gorgeous shell I’m sure. 


Over a year ago, Briar the loggerhead sea turtle was found covered in barnacles, stranded on the coast of Myrtle Beach. Extremely underweight and anemic, it was soon discovered she had cataracts and surgery would have to be done to remove her damaged eye lenses. Her survival was questionable.

Now, Briar is wading through the ocean. She has returned home.

After making a full recovery at the South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital, Briar was released back into the Atlantic Ocean off of the Isle of Palms shores on Wednesday. Residents of all ages came with signs, shouts and cameras to bid farewell and capture snapshots of the sea turtle as she crawled her way into high tide. For many attendees, this was their first time attending a public sea turtle release, let alone witnessing a live sea turtle.

“It was really unique … I was doing it to bring the kids, and it was kind of long waiting for it, but it was worth it,” said Kayla Hall, a first-timer for the turtle release.

She was stunned by Briar’s size, comparing it to that of a dinosaur.

Kate Dittloff of South Carolina Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Hospital described Briar’s support from the community as extremely heartwarming.

“For some reason, everyone has some sort of connection to sea turtles,” Dittloff said while smiling.

“It’s not every day that you get to see a sea turtle in person, especially if you’re just visiting the Charleston area. We really hope they walk away with a greater appreciation to protect our oceans.”

Loggerhead sea turtles have remained under close surveillance since being deemed threatened under the Endangered Species Act of 1978.

With their nesting season underway, efforts to ensure their safety are being made as frequently as possible.

If you find a sick or injured sea turtle, contact the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources Sea Turtle Hotline at 800-922-5431. Donations can be made to the South Carolina Aquarium Sea Turtle Rescue Program at the website at

With admirable efforts on Briar’s behalf, the community can ensure, as one child stated, that the rehabilitated loggerhead has returned home and “won’t be coming back.”