Weighing and Measuring your Tortoise, Tortoise Observation Chart – The Tortoise table

Weighing and Measuring your Tortoise, Tortoise Observation Chart – The Tortoise table


This is a great link for showing you how to measure a tortoise properly. The 

Straight Carapace Length is what most keepers and vets should be using and makes everything the same. It also shows you how to get a more accurate weight for tortys that move around a lot.
Its a good idea to track your tortoises growth and weight. Weigh them after their bath and a poop to make sure its always roughly the same conditions. Phoebe is weighed weekly as she regularly lays eggs, and an increase in weight can indicate i need to give her some extra care just in case. Button is a baby so i measure her every fortnight to ensure she’s growing. And adult male George is weighed monthly as he’s a healthy male and unlikely to grow further 🙂 Weighing daily or any more than that tends to just make me worry about natural fluctuations. 


I have a newfound dream of keeping a pet tortoise, but there’s so much research to do before that’s possible. This is the life I lead.

Yes! Do lots and lots of research and prep.. getting the set up right is work but completely worth it when you get a sly side eye from your little shell friend <3


Good samaritans are accidentally mistaking a gopher tortoise for a sea turtle, releasing them into the ocean where they are less likely to end up as dinner for the many dangers that lurk on the beaches. Unfortunately, gopher tortoises can’t swim. 

The two shelled creatures can be distinguished by their limbs. Gopher tortoises have toes with a claw on each toe, and sea turtles have flippers, for swimming. [via]

This story has been making the rounds and I’m sure many of you have seen it. Endangered gopher tortoises are being “returned to the sea” because they are thought to be sea turtles. *sad face* 

I think the important lesson to take from this (aside from the turtle/tortoise difference) is that if you see a wild animal in distress, that’s not in immediate danger of being hit by car,  call someone who knows how to handle it to help or leave it alone. Far too often more harm is done than good, despite the best of intentions.