“Is it ever gonna stop snowing, Mama?” “I don’t know Zoya Pants, I just don’t know.”  #BOSnow 

Reposting because today, on the first day of spring, humom had to explain to me that sometimes it keeps snowing even in spring! 

(p.s. wafflesworld  grab the keys when our humans go to sleep we’ll shove em in the car and head for california.. thewhimsyturtle and Kirby are coming too.)

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Bronx is crazy fast- this is not speed up, considering testing out the old Tortoise and the Hare theory race, Bronx vs Luna (our bunny)

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I’m betting on Bronx. Fast and focused! Watch out luna!

It’s St. Patricks Day! The human called me her little leprechaun this morning.  I realized that must mean I have a pot of gold somewhere! How did I miss this?! I put on my St. Patricks day hat and went on an epic search! 

Well, the search didn’t take long so I guess it’s true! I am a leprechaun! No  the pot of gold is not in my bum like humom always says it is. I found it just to the left of the world map pillow and it was TASTY!I 


My turtle guilts me when I have to leave the house because he wants more floor time.

Its ok.. I’ll just stay in here and snuggle my blankey and miss you … no biggie. *blink blink

This is the part where I sit back down and end up late for everything or come home to find the water dish on the floor outside the terrarium and wonder ‘how…?’