Documenting Baby Chaos’s pattern breakup and growth. She’s up to 72 grams (6 grams more than last week!) And her patterns changing so fast! Every time I get to see her she looks different <3 #leopardtortoise #tortoise #tortoises #growth #reptile #girlswholovereptile #herplife

And she’s gorgeous. Our shells are damn incredible creatures! 

Happy Spring! Mojave Max made spring official on Monday, April 7th 2014

(Source: LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL & The Republic )

Southern Nevada’s favorite desert tortoise emerged from its burrow about 4 p.m. Monday, heralding the arrival of spring , according to a Clark County news release.

Mojave Max, like other Southern Nevada reptiles, brumates — a process similar to hibernation — each year by entering a burrow during the winter months and emerging when the weather warms up.

The earliest the tortoise has emerged is Feb. 14, and the latest is April 17.


Lunchbox Love

One of my favorite Lunchbox videos: Roly poly grapes are delicious, but tricky to eat!

Lunchbox insisted he had everything under control, but when this was still happening many minutes later, I intervened, as you can see here.

Oh Lunchbox <3 <3 

What I love most about this video is how at the very end he clearly decided to call shenanigans! “HUMOM! WHAT IS THIS CRAP! IT RUNS AWAY!” heeeeeeee 

So much love. 

Humom finished her Basic Wildlife Rehabilitator course/exam. It was not tort/turt specific but a step in that direction. She passed her exam! woo! Also learned how to tube feed a hawk, give fluids subcutaneously and intramuscularly to all kinds of animals, and learned about Dumb rabies hah. 


Finally. Finally!! Warm weather flowers and nice green grass to chomp on. More outside time for me to stomp and look at the warm star filled nights.
My friend Libby mo mo and me dressed all fancy and took pictures for our mom. We had a good time playing outside can’t wait for more sunny days

Frederic Uthor mcklockin


TSA Turtle Tuesday:  Asian Mountain Tortoise

Did you know the Asian mountain tortoise (Manouria emys) is one of the only turtle species that provides maternal protection for its eggs?

After making a nest on the surface of the ground, the female will cover the eggs with vegetation and stand guard! If a potential threat approaches, she will push and bite to ward off the predator. If this doesn’t work, the protective tortoise will place herself over the eggs and hunker down! Both surface nests and nest protection are unique characteristics among chelonians.

You can read more about this critically endangered species and our ongoing conservation efforts on our website…

Turtle Survival Alliance