1 pound of edible Spineless Cactus Certified Organic

1 pound of edible Spineless Cactus Certified Organic


Heads up to our humans in the US, cactus pads are available at Carolina Pet Supply and they’re on sale! 😀 

They are great, healthy, treats for tortoises. These are spineless and your hands will be thankful for that, trust me. If your tort/torts don’t nom them all immediately you can also plant a pad or two and grow more cactus for later. 

youtube is very helpful for this: here’s one video but search for the one that makes the most sense for you. It’s not that hard even for the challenged gardener. 

Carolina Pet Supply is a great online shop for turtle and tortoise supplies.. its where I get the supplements I use for Zoya pants and the grazing mix in her garden! They’re also on sale this weekend (15% off with CACTUS code).

I don’t work for this place nor do I get throwbacks, just thought I’d share since it’s not always easy to find cactus pads in certain parts of the US. 

Its my birthday week! How did I celebrate? My friend @wholegrainlofat brought back some cactus pads from LA (they are nice and healthy for russian tortoises) and for my birthday we celebrated by watching Zoya devour this amazing treat!

I was so surprised at her intense reaction. While she obviously acts this excited for tomatos and carrots (tortoise candy), to have her practically bite off our fingers getting into this big ol cactus pad was the best thing ever. Since I am her minion, I figured it was an appropriate way to spend the day. Yeah, thats right, the highlight of my birthday was feeding my tortoise a yummy treat. Shut it. It was awesome. Look at her joy.