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Meet Audrey: A Special Turtle’s Story

Meet Audrey: A Special Turtle’s Story

Meet Audrey: A Special Turtle’s Story

Meet Audrey: A Special Turtle’s Story

If you never click another link posted here on Tort-time, click this one. @turtlefeed writes about @littleresq ’s newest spokes-turtle. Lived in a bucket for 20 years, rescued from euthanization, and now educating the world about the impact of improper care on our shelled friends and the sad reality of spur of the moment/ ill informed adoptions.

Please read this post written by @turtlefeed and spread the word. Support @littleresq with a donation and help them help Audrey spread the word, save more turtles and prevent future turtles from suffering the way audrey did. Not all are as lucky as she is.

we <3 you Audrey!  

ETA:more on audrey is coming this week..  follow her on twitter! @audreyres and follow her on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/audreyres


Did you like the post about Audrey from earlier today? You can read more about her on BuzzFeed.

The turtle playing football.. omg.


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Turtle Awards on BuzzFeed

Turtles deserve awards! Lets make this happen! 


So, I’ve just made a bet with BuzzFeed.

If turtlefeed can reach rank #5 in the top 10 user listing by the end of November, they will create a Turtle Award that everyone can win. If I reach rank #2, they will create a Turtle Fan Award for people who heart turtle posts. If I usurp the #1 spot, they will make a Gold Turtle Award for people who create 10 or more turtle posts.

You totally want to help me do this. 

The good news is that I’m close to #5 at the moment, so you can help me by going through my feed http://www.buzzfeed.com/turtlefeed and sharing my posts. Share them to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit — I don’t care. Share new posts, old posts, and maybe take a look at all the other users who post about turtles too, because I spend a lot of time rebuzzing stuff for them! 

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Clarification for people who don’t normally use BuzzFeed: Ranking is determined by traffic to my posts on BuzzFeed.com. Click early, click often. Maybe hang around a little bit and start your own feed. The more the merrier, I say.