Update on sunday’s breaking #turtle news! 

While it was originally thought that Tommy the Turtle received more appropriate praise for his dive into the lake this year, it seems those rumors were false. As you can see, PGA commentators were less than kind when  scoring this fine neck extension dive, clearly choreographed for the camera this year (see 2011s footage and comments about grace for context)

It’s clear that poor tommy the turtle’s skills, and species as he is not a snapping turtle, are lost on these commentators. Alas, it will only serve as fodder for what will likely be an even grander gesture at next years competition. 

You go tommy! We here at tort time give you a 10 out of 10 on the #turtpocalypse scale of world domination! 

via media.trb.com

LOS ANGELES – Two Japanese nationals have been arrested at LAX on federal animal smuggling charges for allegedly trying to smuggle turtles and tortoises into the U.S.Authorities seized 55 reptiles which were concealed in snack food boxes inside a suitcase.

And at that very moment I was boarding a plane at LAX myself. I would have gladly stayed and started my tortoise rescue with these little ones. Hope they get sent to better habitats.

Thanks to @karolynprg for the heads up on this breaking news!