Tracking Little Turtles on the Prairie

Tracking Little Turtles on the Prairie


What do you do if you only have eight known Blanding’s turtles in the population you’re studying at Illinois’s Nachusa Grasslands Preserve?

Well, if you’re Rich King and colleagues, you lure them into hoop
traps baited with sardines, attach tiny transmitters to their shells
with an epoxy resin, and then spend the months from April to October
using radio telemetry to track them by hiking the prairie holding an
antenna above your head, all of which is not as easy as it may sound…


A Blanding’s turtle visited the Japanese Tea Garden on the west side of Fabyan Forest Preserve!

The garden is to the public from 1-4 p.m., mid-May through mid-October.

This moment was captured by Marie Lebrun.

He’s showing you what it looks like when Turtles and Tortoise dominate the earth #Turtpocalypse


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