Before you go…


To all our friends leaving Tumblr today. We hope we caught you in time and that you’ll continue to be a part of the shell friends community.  Tort-time exists as a blog all its own at!  We are working to make it a bit more intuitive but it is updated daily already.

You can also follow us on other social media platforms:

Twitter: (@Torttime)

Instagram:  (Tort.time)


Tort Time’s Page:

and/or be friends with Zoya Pants

We hope you’ll still visit us there for updates on Zoya’s latest shenanigans, as well as asking your care questions, and sharing your turtle and torts with us.

For those staying, we will continue to update as usual but please feel free to follow us on Twitter or Instagram and visit the site anytime!

No silly censoring will stop the #turtpocalypse!  With that, we say, onward shell friends!