MY BABY!!!!! She likes her castle. I’m sorry for redacting part of the post but as a pet star Zoya would prefer to maintain a clean reputation. 


Zoya in action. 🙂

BTW, she was watching Law and Order SVU. She likes to fight crime.

Oh, I stopped the video because she took a giant {REDACTED}

AW yeah tortoise poetry. 


this is harold
he is my tortoise
he is eating a cucumber from mah hand right hurr
he is the one and only love of my life
he is my baby
he is probably the single happiest tortoise on the face of the planet
ya’ll best be jealous

Holy crap! you guys!! Look at these incredible baby Egyptian tortoises just unveiled at the Woodland park Zoo in Seattle! They are barely bigger than a thumb nail! Gorgeous! anyone want to buy me a ticket to Seattle so I can report on these little ones live? you know you want to…

Tiny Baby Egyptian Tortoise Up Close (via dahalcon)