We’ve received this wonderful submission and request from a tortoise loving humom who whats to surprise her special tortoise loving human on Valentine’s day! See below for her request and get posing! I’ll be reposting this again in a few days in case anyone misses it! 

Hello tortoise and turtle lovers!
I have a favor to ask from all of you who have torts and turtles as pets. Valentine’s day is coming up soon, and I want to make a special gift for my boyfriend, who adores turtles and tortoises as much as I do. I want to make him a photo album with photos of tortoises and turtles from all around the world, with our names next to them!
So, If you want to help me, I would like you to write SALE + VALE (our nicknames) on a piece of paper, your location and names of your torts too, and take a photo of your tortoises and turtles next to it!
I have added the photo of how it should look like.
Thank you very much in advance! <3

This is my turtle, Audy. Audy has quite a sassy personality, and is filled with lots of strawberries (as a yummy treat)! 

Sweet and sassy! What a gorgeous shell you are! You already know that don’t you. of course, you do! That’s how you get an extra strawberry from your human isn’t it it… Mmhmmm I know that trick! No I can’t resist it! Hold on I have to go to the store….