Don’t forget to be AWESOME.
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This shell won’t forget to be awesome! Clearly she was born that way.


The tortoise and the stare, 5 May 2009 da ed_needs_a_bicycle

Tramite Flickr:

aka ‘the tortoise and the hair’.

brilliant! The best part is that no matter how you interpret it, the tortoise always wins!


It’s World Turtle Day!

Turtle fact 1: In some species of turtle the temperature where the eggs are laid determines if the egg will develop into a male or female, lower temperatures lead to a male while higher temperatures lead to a female.

Turtle fact 2: Turtles are awesome.

Both these facts are true! HAPPY#WorldTurtleDay !!!

wafflesworld replied to your photo: “Yesterday was #NationalHugDay but don’t worry!  you can hug your human…”:

And what is that shirt your humom is wearing?

That is her very favorite Woot sweatshirt! (and mine too cause its soft and I like to try and get in the hood sometimes). It’s called the ‘epic begins!’ and even though we don’t know the artist we know he or she has the #turtpocalypse in their soul.


Happy (day after) Hatchday wafflesworld !!!!!! We celebrated your awesomeness yesterday with noms and Zoya wore her birthday cupcake hat (you have to cross your eyes to make it look like two candles ok? ok)

Even though she’s an only-tort, Zoya likes to think of you as her BIG little brother 😀 (and mangomusings & Kirby thewhimsyturtle !!)  She hopes that’s ok with you and says that she’ll always be a good sister (and partner in shenanigans) and won’t steal your noms cause she can’t get to them through the computer screen! Win Win!!  

Mental_Floss answers the question: Why are tortoises slow??

A well put answer to this question. I would probably add that ‘slow’ is relative. In relation to the other animals in their native habitat, tortoises are definitely slow movers.  In relation to what people assume “tortoise speed” might be? Tortoises tend to be much faster than you’d think. Size matters. Smaller torts can go faster (for the reasons described in the video). When Zoya and I go for a walk? She can book it. Don’t turn your head cause they can get into trouble and out of reach in no time. 


This is the person that was freaking out about their seemingly lethargic tort. I thought you should know that I guess I was wrong and just paranoid, and that it must have just been the time of year and yucky weather we’d been having, because he is much more active now. In fact, the past few days he’s been nothing but wound-up!

WOOT! So glad to hear it! Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that same panic moment only to realize it was a seasonal/weather/off day issue… Generally proven when I find Zoya climbing something ridiculous and looking at me for a reaction and/or noms ha! 

Heres a celebratory turtle dance!