Shes making an absolute racket crawling about on this painting. I can hear her on the other side of the house. #mrsrobinsonthetortoise #tortoise #tortoisesofinstagram #scalybaby

“In my dreams all the noms blur together and it looks just like this!” – tiny tort discovers abstract art


Tortoise is curled up for the night, protected by a bit of fallen chaparral.

The vibrant dusk of a Dreamy Desert is perfect for any space and encourages restfulness and joy. The happy animals depicted in this peaceful, watercolor series rest under a dreamy sunset filled with smiling stars.

Painted in K. Ryan Henisey’s award winning style, each illustration originally appeared in Dreamy Desert, an illustrated sleepy time ebook for children.

Reds and yellows blossom under a deep, restful sky. Each animal type is prominently displayed in a pose of restful sleep. Smiling stars keep watch over the dreaming landscapes.

Find your rest in the Dreamy Desert.

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Another beautiful enclosure sporting on of my signs! 🐢🐢🐢

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This is a fantastic enclosure and that is a quality sign! you should beware of us.. we will climb and nom and there is no stopping us! Also cause of the cold war and stuff. We want one! where can you get one??


I Imagineered myself a redic tortoise habitat. I’ll be trying to make this nutty thing over the weekend before my new family members arrive on Tuesday.

thats amazing! Human is obsessed with those hairpin table legs. 


Eternal Tortoise Epilogue #13: (For previous comic click here)

Magic Tortoise drawn by Susan Dos Santos

*sniff sniff* Aw man, here come the tears..I didn’t think they would kill Magic Tortoise in the end..I thought she would use some magic or something to defend herself. But it seems like Smallie came too late. Perhaps they can give one last hug…

If you forgot who Magic Tortoise is, click here. 

Oh no smallie help magic tortoise! :S


COME SUPPORT THE ARTIST!!!!!…. Community mural is now being done at the Lacombe Family Pharmacy… All cash donations/ paint supplies are gladly appreciated and are going towards helping the artist of the non profit orgainization of the “Art Will Make You Smart” summer program. This can only only be finished with the help and support of the community… Thank you!! #support #lacombe #community #art #crab #turtle #snake #louisiana #sttammany (at Lacombe Family Pharmacy)

This is incredible! 

After getting this incredible drawing of Zoya made by waffles & Mango’s humom, I let Zoya examin it. She’s sure this is the greatest piece of art ever created. I agree, though we’re both a little biased when it comes to the subject.

The one thing we’re absolutely sure of?  wafflesworld ’s humom is unbelievable talented!  Its even more incredible in person. After she admired it for quite a while, we’ve framed it and placed it right by Zoya’s enclosure.  <3 <3 <3 


Mom made a drawing of tort-time friend Zoya. Looks like we are headed to the post office this week!

YOU GUYS! wafflesworld ’s Mom did a drawing of Zoya!! She is so talented! Human here might have gotten sniffly cause its so accurate and so beautiful! Zoya wanted to give it a shell hug and then said to tell everyone she’s available to model for art classes for a small dandelion fee 😀