This is one of the best aquatic turtle enclosures I have ever seen. While it seems over the top, everything present is necessary for happy, healthy turtles. At least 100 gallons of water, filter, heater, basking lamp, UV light, haul out area, and dry land. If all aquatic turtles were kept this way I’d never see any because they would rarely get sick.

Source Unknown.

This is fantastic!


Little Dude likes posing for his momma. He seems to be enjoying his new tank. Meanwhile, Tank Jr. is in the background still getting used to his new home c:

I swear I have few photos of Little Dude actually caught off guard. He always turns to me and poses just like that. He’s my little model.

Yep! You’ve got quite the turtle star on your hands. Look at that mysterious look he’s got, those distinguished shell markings and the way he extends his neck in just the right way.. Born to be on camera!