Hey waffles! Im worried about my Thomas. He wouldn’t open his eyes and refuse to eat for days. Im worried. ):


Oh no! This is not good at all! It’s time to take Thomas to the vet. Look to see if there is a vet in your area who works with reptiles since not all vets are trained in exotics. The chances are that Thomas may be sick with hatchling failure syndrome. Here’s some more information on it:
He may also have a respratory infection. Either way, the sooner you can take him in to a vet, the better. Good luck.

Waffles is super wise. This is good advice! Fingers crossed for Anon’s shell friend! 


Friend Kirby doesn’t believe me when I say that I can eat dandies like popcorn. Not even mom can keep up with dandies on demand!

Oh yea, those neck extensions are awesome waffle! IMPRESSIVE!!  Humom here is always surprised that when offered such delicious noms, our necks seem to double in size and our speed triples!! never doubt the power of dandelions. 

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